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Disaster! The Pig and Whistle is now closed


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I was just checking up on rates for a possible trip in August and....  no more web site, all I can find is, 19 days ago, a tripadvisor comment "The Pig and Whistle is now closed having been sold"

Is anyone in a position to confirm this?

A personal disaster for me, it is/was my fave in Patters.

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Thanks Stick, I guess it'll be another place then, or maybe avoid Patters altogether.

I'm still not sure how MLG is gonna handle, any visits to bars, despite her professed eagerness to go and see them, if she gets the chance.

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Fletch has retired from Jameson’s a few months ago he now has his retirement hobby bar called “Fletchers Folly”  on Soi Siam Country Club.

I know Jameson’s very well 2005 until 2008 I literally lived over the bar, my apartment was right above the bar, at least I didn’t have far to go home 

Fletch first bar in Thailand was Jools which he sold to “Big Dave” aka Fatso of Fatsos bar in Stephen Leathers amusing tale (what he wrote was true names were changed to protect the guilty) Next he was working for Woody in Patts managing TQ2 on Soi Diamond until he landed the position at Delaneys a pseudo Irish Bar then Jameson’s in 2005

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16 hours ago, radioman said:

A lot will probably depend on your demeanor and attitude. Remember, this is a test!

Of course if suggests you get one to share...😳😎

Yes a test, but then I think she'll panic and run away, and blame me for taking her there.

12 hours ago, Mekong said:

No great loss a shite Pub selling mediocre grub 

but big cheap, clean and comfortable rooms that, for me were ideally placed.

I used to have one meal there in a week's stay, to keep the faith with the rotund Britt customers.

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11 hours ago, Flashermac said:

If you want a pub with good food in Pattaya, try this one. It's very popular with the Pattaya expats.


Thanks for that , I was sold on 'a pint of Guin­ness '  not far from Soi 6 I see and  possible  place to get a grilled Korean, I wonder if they are male or female or other, I prolly couldn't eat a whole one anyway.


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