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You know the worn out, full off holes 30 year pullover that you can’t bring yourself to throw away?  This board is the same,  just comfortable 

I think it works well enough as it is. Obviously, you might have some concerns as as perhaps it is costing you more money to run it than you want to spend / is causing you grief or worry etc. Unless t

Personally I would be gutted if the board closed, it's by far the most civilised of the Thai centric forums. I rarely post these days since illness has prevented me from traveling to the LOS for sever

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2 hours ago, Mekong said:

As a person taking no sides in Rhys pissing contest, I think the man doth protest too much

If a fact is denied, end off, when a fact is denied over and over again, it leads the casual observer to believe there may be something in the  fact

People making false accusations have to be asked for proof, when none is forthcoming it proves they are making it up for whatever reason, or just recycling gossip they have heard but never bothered to check out.

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57 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Gee Paul, and yet you continue, I see a mod has already shown that you do,  you must have a very crooked bed.

Par for your course though as we all know.

No evidence for your false statements and accusations then, as expected. But then nobody is here for you to sound off to, something that must disappoint as you were one that seem to crave an audience. All mouth, but when you get called out you cave in and cannot back anything up.

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