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Here is actually a ban on pictures.
Girls may not be shown - according to the rules of this board. Also their names and e.g. their bars and their numbers may not be mentioned.

The idea of Khun Sanuk was:
The privacy of the girls should be protected.
That was since the foundation of this board - I believe in the year 1995 - the policy of this board.
This rule almost resembled the image ban of the Bible:
You shouldn't make yourself a picture or any parable.
(2nd book of Moses, chapter 20)

Khun Sanuk allowed only one exception: number 33 from the Dollhouse, Clinton Plaza.
This girl was so well known, so popular, she was so often called, she was constantly reported that KhunSanuk capitulated.


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On 10/11/2019 at 2:12 PM, khunsanuk said:


Ah, I think I remember this now. Wasn't this in response to you (Paul101) trying to get another board member fired from his job?
I guess that was fine though, as you didn't ask for money.

Not gonna bother discussing this further, just pointing out that there are always 2 sides to each story.


I never tried to get anyone fired from his job and that lie had nothing to do with my being blackmailed on here, not surprised you do not want to discuss it. What is the other side to blackmail then? You are referring to a groundless rumor I think that I had something to do with long gun getting the push when he returned here to teach? knew absolutely nothing about that and he denied I had anything to do with it. I did fall out with him but that was after he had returned to the UK and I do not think he would have talked to me at songkran in Birmingham in 2003 if I had anything to do with him leaving Thailand. You are trying to muddy the waters and pretending you don't remember, well you could try asking Belgian Boy or stick of course, their memory might be a bit better. When Himitsu. who collaborated with the Frenchman in the blackmail eventually left the forum you said you were sorry to see him go, you probably forgot that as well!  BTW if you have any evidence I ever tried to get anyone fired I would love to see it. I have a stack of evidence I was blackmailed via nanaplaza.com for 40k baht, want to swap?

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