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The member known as DumbCunt


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I first met DumbSoda at my first members meet up at Gullivers back around 2007. Although I live in Sydney and he in Melbourne we met up often until he moved up to LOS.

Went up and visited him in Nong Kai a couple of years ago. Actually walked past him in the street and didn't recognize him. He'd dropped 30Kgs + and he made a joke that I'd gained about the same. That was DS...great sense of humor. A couple of evenings drinking the night away is how I will remember him. One of the good guys

RIP old mate

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Dumsoda's supposed to be dead? Really?
I can hardly believe it. I am frightened.

For the last 5 years I have been a regular guest with him in Nong Khai. He had together with his Thai wife a restaurant "Jing Joe... (Kangaroo)" and a guesthouse.
That was in the Soi Rim Kong directly at the Mekong.
In the year - I think - 2017 he moved; about 400 m to a Soi, whose name I don't have now.
He told me that the rent had become too high. The restaurant went well, but the three to four rooms he rented were rarely occupied.
Dumsoda, it was always good with you. Friendly, helpful, courteous.
Wherever you are now, my dear John, I hope you are well.

An affected and consternated Nasiadai

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 We exchanged a few posts I think.  A few yrs back he posted that he was in BKK for treatment and spent $millions of baht.  I thought maybe he was cured for all the money he said he spent.  After that he had a gig in Pattaya and then went up north to run  a guesthouse & restaurant.  He was active in another forum in Pattaya and had the same username.  I forgot the the name of the forum.  But they are probably posting things about him now.  He used to often post  that life was good.  It's good to know that life had been good to him.

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