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Financial requirement for a visa


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I'm confused.  The Thai consulate website has this stipulation for an OA visa...

  1. Bank statement or evidence of adequate finance showing a deposit of the amount equal to and not less
    than 800,000 Baht or an income certificate (an original copy) with a monthly income of not less than
    65,000 Baht, or a deposit account plus a monthly income totaling not less than 800,000 Baht In the case
    of submitting a bank statement, a letter of guarantee from the bank (an original copy) is required

800k plus 60K/B monthly?

Would a Bangkok Bank account with 800K (for 3 months plus) suffice?


They also say a deposit account plus monthly income of 800K.  Surely that's just an error that didn't translate properly?


Confusing for me.

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For the first case the key word is OR, so you need either 800k on deposit OR an income certificate showing monthly income of 65k or more. It's and either OR case.

Option 1. 800k

Option 2. 65k per month

Failing that you have a third option which is to combine the amount you have on deposit with a monthly income wherein together they add to a combined amount of not less than 800k per 12 months. An example might be a monthly income of 40k equaling 480k per year plus 320k on deposit or an income of 50k per month plus 200k on deposit.

If you have 800k in the bank and its been there for 3 months or more then I don;t expect any issues. They will however most likely want a very current and up to date statement.



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My 800,000 is in the Bangkok Bank. But for years now every time I've renewed Immigration has sent me downstairs to get an update for that day on my account, even though I always bring a bank statement issued the day before. That's at Chaengwattana, which has a branch of almost every bank in the basement floor. At other immigration offices, it might require a quick trip to a nearby bank.

p.s. When I renewed this time, I had to get a TM30 from my landlord. Immigration told me that without it, they couldn't issue me a new visa. Be prepared for that. It caught almost everyone by surprise, and we all had to go back home to have our landlord do it. (The forms are in Thai and it's not supposed to be our responsibility, but very few landlords knew they had to do it. They never did before.)

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