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Five year + overstay and no passport!


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His stay here is now not tenable because his wife has died.

 Any financing help I give him to get back to the UK will be returned by his Mum.

But what is his best option in the short term.

I suggested he turn himself into Immigration and go from there.

I don’t mind taking him to the British Embassy and giving him a lift to the airport but he can’t stay with me as I’d be implicated in harboring an Overstayer.

Any advice appreciated.

Thanx in advance. 

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T'were me, and I did see one chap in Laos. in a similar situation, the "I don’t mind taking him to the British Embassy " is the best option.

Don't get involved personally, unless you are family.

I was the subject of concern for a short time in Vientiane, because I'd told this chap where a small hotel was. The hotel thought (cause he'd told them), that I was guaranteeing him and his bill. I had to point out that I didn't know him, I'd just pointed out the street, with the hotel on it.

I am sorry for this guy's (your one) predicament, but even, if there's no fault of his part, you don't need to be making his problems, your problems, and the locals do like to have a Farang, to pay for things.

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All sorted and he’s home.

If this happens to anyone else.

Even if you have the documents and the overstay fine the Immigration like to psychologically torture the overstayer by asking for documents that you cannot possibly obtain saying “Cannot fly today as you not have this not have that” etc etc.

We we’re warned about this and they keep you detained until the very last minute then frog march you to the plane.

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