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Shopping for Whacko's.

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Some mails appearing on a list I subscribe to have started taking a look at some of the nutty stuff you can buy on the web these days.

For you Hi Fi audio-fools out there how about this nice mains cable to plug you amp in with.

https://www.highendcable.co.uk/Nordost_ODIN 2_ Power_Cord.htm

The 5m long one is a snip at £31,000.00 plus the obligatory plugs at £480 each.

Then there are the special pure copper plug covers to stop mains borne RF leaking into your listening pleasure


A total bargain at £50 for a pack of 4

For the safety conscious don;t forget the appropriate fuses. Just one of these little beauties, essentially a 500mA mains fuse


A worthy £39.99 EACH!

FOR A F(&^&%^£ing FUSE!!!

Another one from these righteous snake oil peddlers


Keeps your cables off the floor to give you a more analogue sound! WTF!!!

Bargain at £148.99.

In other news, don't forget the cat. Sees the Aussies have just the thing


Keeping tiddles safe for less than £15.


How about something for the treasure hunter


Another bargain at £116

It says satisfaction guaranteed so buy now, with confidence!

But the best is yet to come

A mere 82 quid


Outstanding bits of twisted wire soldered together and some lumps of potted dung. Get em now to be safe!


So .

Have you found any 'must have' mega products? Do share.


Now let me see where did I put all that wire and my soldering iron, I can just smell my next fortune.



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55555... thanks for that, made my day.

I had a friend who was into HIFI and he spent ridiculous money on gear. Some was obviously good stuff, like valve amps, and even I could hear the benefit, of $30,000 electrostatic speakers, but this cable stuff was stupid. He even had a mat made from sheet copper, (think kitchen foil only copper) that cost him $300 to sit the Amp on.


Cav!  protect your cat!


s-l300.jpg(from the post above)


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