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Man looks three years of Thai living and reflects

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Yes very painful to watch.  In a way it's touching to see a grown man with that level of naivety.  I remember myself, after a few years in Thailand the sun and wind whisking my hair as the speedboat made it's way to Koh Samet, a girl tucked under each arm before climbing on to the beach and into the hotel.  Oh wait, I wasn't naive. 

It never occurred to me to make a youtube video and splash it on social media thank fuck.  I do remember my first fumbling steps with the language.  Like him I felt like the king of the world if I could say - "Hey, I'm off to the market, you want anything?".  Not really knowing I didn't know a damn thing.  Being a superb mimic I picked it up very quickly though - still took the best part of ten years.

This youtuber, you get angry at this unbelievable gall to tell you what to watch out for, but then you realize you're incredibly sorry for him.  There is another side to Thailand behind the smiles and friendliness, a very sharp and realistic edge that will rob you of everything and cast you aside, even bill you for the pleasure; if you're lucky to make it out alive that is. 

The thing is, even if I decided to slap some sense into him - you just know he wouldn't get it - he's too cosy in that little bubble of his.  So what?  Are we reduced to the Kiwi sport of watching these idiots humiliate themselves and then moan the blues?  I suppose it's more interesting than the cricket at the moment...

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