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Water shortage

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I just discovered that I deserve the Thai National Watersaver Medal in Gold. According to governmental announcments the Thai people are requested to shorten their water usage by 1 minute/session for example when cleaning teeth or body in general. I may therefore let the Thai people know that I regard myself as the leading watersavingforce as I have traditionally requested the lovely Pam to share the shower whenever possible with myself. Focus on using less resources to preserve the natural wealth of the intra urban klong waters.

Just to let you know

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Farms go dry as Bangkok battles seawater

Ongoing attempts to halt saltwater intrusion in the Chao Phraya River have come at a hefty price -- the collapse of paddy fields in Ayutthaya province.

Most of the rice fields there are already withering and the government has now banned farmers who are growing off-season crops from using water from the Chao Phraya and Pasak rivers from Jan 20.

"Without doubt, over two thousand rai of rice fields [320 hectares] in Nakhon Luang district and adjacent tambon Phra Kaew in Phachi district will be doomed by the lack of water," said Saifon Chomsri, a farmer in tambon Nong Pling, Nakhon Luang district, Ayutthaya -- an area known as the country's rice bowl.

"Farmers were told to halt farming because authorities need fresh water to drive out the intrusion of salty seawater. Of course, officials came and took our names and promised compensation, but we don't know what criteria the government will use to pay compensation," she told the Bangkok Post.




Be sure to bathe and brush your teeth with seawater!



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