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Mother and daughters told 'too big' for business class

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Enjoying the luxury of business class seats on an 11-hour flight back to Auckland was meant to be a treat for Renell and Tere after undergoing weight-loss surgery in the city of Bangkok.

Instead, the sisters and their mother, Huhana, were left ''traumatised'' by Thai Airways staff who came at them with tape measures telling them they were ''too big'' for their business class seats.

Six months on from that ''disgusting'' experience and Huhana, 59, is still bitter about the experience.

''The staff were shouting 'too big, too big' at us repeatedly. Rows of people watched as they measured us at the check-in. It was so humiliating the way we were treated that I just broke down in tears,'' said Huhana.

The language barrier didn't help as staff refused to let them enter the business class section and made them sit in economy class.


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Damm, and I thought I was big.

Me I'm fluffy but they are Damm..according to the comic Fluffy.

Check him out on YouTube 

They need to get a grip that they are way to big. Can we say cargo hold. 555


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Whilst I still think that the airline seats are too small for "normal" big persons, i.e. All Blacks, these girls are taking the piss.

1/. they shouldn't think they can go to a place that has mainly little people (compared to them) and not be treated differently, fat people are not subject to the 'Politically Correct silence', in Thailand as they are in NZ.
In NZ if you raise an eyebrow over someone's size, it's a ticket for the fatty, to go in all the women's magazines and facebook, blah blah blah, complaining about how unfair life is.

2/. when they get to this size, it should be two seats, at the back of cattle class, next to larger oversize toilets and a trough. Though that may make the plane, tail heavy and unstable in flight.

3/. Auckland on a Saturday night.




4/. more seriously, much as the Polynesians were genetically isolated, when Flu arrived and more recently a measles outbreak, making them more susceptible to "Euro" diseases, they also are not adapted to the high fat diets, having subsisted on seafood, fruit  and coconuts for the most part, for thousands of years. It is very easy for those with Polynesian genes, to gain fat on a typical modern diet of canned corned beef, Povi Masima and MacDonalds chips and the worst one, sugar (diabetes) drinks.

Povi Masima (Fat Brisket of Beef) boiled with cabbage, is quite yummy, good for when you are paddling a war canoe 100 miles, to have a battle and back, not so good for when you are spending the day on the couch in front of the game.

Povi Masima

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