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Racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians in the US owing to Coranvirus

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21 minutes ago, chocolat steve said:

I wouldn't call it racism as well. If the disease started with Swedes, you'd see the same reaction to Swedes. While it is not good to discriminate against Chinese, the reaction is not abnormal. It's human nature. 

I'd have to call it racist, because it's race, that's used to i.d. then apply, the discrimination.

If it were Swedes, it'd still be racism. But if it were NZ folk, it wouldn't, because none of us are the same race, whereas, in the popular view, all Chinese seem to be the same race, as do Swedes. 

The folk that are doing the discrimination are not taking the time to find out, if the Chinese looking person is just arrived from China, but are applying the discrimination to Chinese looking bods, who may have never been to China or had contact with any one who has.

But you are right, it's human nature.

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He takes me by the hand and we wander into the forest.

PS:  So I trust you are all good?

OM: Well I've managed to appreciate this forest.  Thanks for planting those dragon fruit, a rather good idea.

PS:  I don't take much credit for that, despite funding it and anticipating the demand for exotic fruit, I suppose and enjoining my family to participate.

Old man nudges me in the ribs. 

OM:  You *were* a tiger in a past life. 

PS:  I wouldn't go that far.  I still can't cure this raving alcoholic addiction I've got going on.  I like working on these kind of projects, I mean if I can lead people, well it would be a waste if I didn't?  Besides it appears to have taken zero toll on me.  Hey you know what, I'm fighting with vanity.

OM: Happiness isn't that easy.  You know I can see you. You're suffering.

I take his hand again.

PS: Are we not all suffering?  C'mon I'll show you the latest plans. Some interesting changes.  I have to go to America next week.  I'm suffering but I'm winning.  Thats all that matters right?

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You see,  it was my own idea to take the old man into the forest.  It's not hard to engender a feeling in people, and besides it was for a positive purpose.  Most people just disparage life. 

When you devote your life to saving lives, it is just a way to get on with your own life.  After performing emergency surgery on a young black kid who'd been shot five times in the chest - by the police no less.  He made it, but I very much doubted he would walk away, if a junior had tried to do it.  It involved some rather innovative techniques to save his life.  Thought up on the fly. 

Hey Pan, where do we go from here? 

PS: Do we really need you?  I break some times. But I'm so cold, just cold.  This has broken me - sips a pint of rarefied Scottish whisky.  Feeling better all ready.


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