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Members that contribute the most and the intriguing 'Days Won'


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I accidentally clicked an someone's username and it took me to their profile, you know, number of posts that kind of thing, but I was intrigued by this new feature: 'days won'. 

I started clicking on other users to gauge their success and was a little bit surprised by the results. 

Fiery jack had 10 days won and 3000 posts.  Flash had like 400 days won, but with a massive 50,000 posts.  That's like seven posts a day for like 20 years!  A bit of a disappointing ratio really.  However you have to bear in mind a lot of his posts are interesting  tid bits that he links to, and I think his ratio should be a hell of a lot higher with all his insightful comments. 

Coss appeared to really be firing along with 13,000, but nearly 300 days won - quite a dark horse.  Buffalo Bill is doing a very respectable 61 days won of 3000 or so posts.  Chocolate Steve also has done rather well with a 10000 to 120 days one ratio.  Of course my own ratio isn't that shabby, a 1000 to 10 days won.  Quality, not quantity I always say. 

But really a quite welcome feature for the forum, and if it encourages people to contribute content then well done I say!

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