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The Covid-19 thread


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 to import 20-25 million doses of alternative vaccines by the third quarter this year for rapid inoculation.

 It is already 6 August, over 41% of way through the 3rd quarter already. 

The vaccines, including Sputnik V and Johnson & Johnson (J&J), will be imported directly without the involvement of government agencies.

Sputnik V is not approved yet

Removing the government middleman would also cut red tape and speed up importation of Thailand-registered vaccines like J&J and Pfizer-BioNTech, said the executive.

So now they are admitting that the Government are causing delays to the procurement process, something I have been saying for months 

Now I was under the impression that vaccine producers would not deal with the private sector but only Government agencies. That aside come 30 September the Government will point the finger at the private sector and say that it has failed in its task to import 25 Million doses thereby shifting the blame.

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Question: I wonder if some of the brains on this board, could help me, by reading my thoughts on virus evolution and 'ting, below, and commenting, as to their validity or otherwise?


Viruses evolve, this is usual and generally this evolution, is by genetic mutation.

With this Covid virus, we have seen, amongst the mutations, a Delta and a Lambda variation, each with differing characteristics from the original virus, that spread throughout the world.

Looking at this from the Virus' point of view, success is not measured, in killing all the hosts, but in ensuring the most wide-spread infection, and subsequent transmission in the hosts, in order to become endemic. Like herpes.

The problem with causing serious or even semi-serious, health problems in the hosts, is that the hosts tend to isolate the infected individuals, and thereto, hinder the Virus' spread.

In order for the virus to evolve and survive, ever more benign varieties, that can spread easily, are the blueprint for survival and evolutionary success. Whilst the human population is having a large degree of success with vaccines, in curtailing the spread of the virus and it's variants, what I think is happening, is that any future (or present) strains of the Covid virus are becoming: 
a/. Vaccine resistant
b/. Easily spread, by air, touch or... wait for it... inside food.

However, smallpox was removed from the planet by wide spread (more or less) vaccination, so I think that the authorities of the world will try to do the same with Covid, if only to keep the cost of Health Provision to the populace, down. 

My prediction/crystal ball thoughts, on this Covid are that, in about 5 years the vaccination rate will be so high as to allow, the governing twallops of the world, to declare business is open as usual.

And business is the key word, in the preceding sentence. What concerns the political classes most, is that we the people, are less trusting and enamoured, of consumerism/business,  that has become the biggest religion we've ever seen.

And the virus will have mutated to a vaccine resistant and less harmful version, that we'll be able to manage along the lines of the common cold.

My view of the status quo, is that we'll continue to battle and we will conquer this Covid, in large part, but not totally remove it. At present rates of progress, the future return to supposed normality, is still 3 to 8 years away.

The upheavals to political and monetary stability, that have been exacerbated by Covid, will perhaps, not heal.



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Darwin’s theory of evolution springs to mind, eventually all the anti-Vaxxers and Covid deniers will die out,

One can see it daily in the UK press where people’s last words were “Covid is real” or “I wish I had got vaccinated” a bit late you numptys.

Humanity overcame the Plague (Black Death) in Europe, Spanish Flu (which wasn’t Spanish, just that Spain was neutral in WW1 and they didn’t want to blame either side). We eradicated Smallpox and Polio by vaccination and brought TB under control.

I suspect Covid to be brought under control but the symptoms to be akin to Pneumonia rathe than the common cold. People will still die, there are 800.000 pneumonia deaths per annum, so at a acceptable rate.

As for timescale, how long is a piece of string, but closer to 8 than 3 especially in developing countries and military dictatorships. 

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My mourning, gentlemen, is virtually endless and overwhelming. The board hopefully joins my sadness about the most honorable Mister Dick Farrel passing away these days. Unfortunately Khun Dick was wrong about the meaning of the word vaccination but eventually seems to have found out. We hope that not too many of his esteemed followers did share his point of view.

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12 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

We hope that not too many of his esteemed followers did share his point of view.

You are nicer than me, I hope that all his followers, wait until death's door, to realise that they are wrong.

Or as MLG is wont to say, "they are not stupid, they are just not clever enough..."

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I’m Vaccinated And Still Got COVID-19. Here’s What A Breakthrough Case Is Like.

After I was fully vaccinated in April, I felt like it was finally over: the pandemic, mask mandates, the looming threat of lockdowns. By mid-July, I was so confident that things were safer, I booked a flight to visit an old college friend in Seattle, my sole mini-vacay this summer. 

My cousin, who drove me to the airport, warned me that she’d been sick a few days. I put on my face mask as I rode with her but at the time thought it was only a summer cold. A week later, I was back home in Alabama where my brother said he couldn’t hug me because he caught whatever my cousin had. 

A week after that, my mother fell ill. That was when I first heard the ominous words: breakthrough case. My mother speculated that she had a breakthrough case of delta, a highly contagious COVID-19 variant that’s surging across much of the country right now, especially here in the Deep South.

Impossible, I thought. Every member of my immediate family had been vaccinated months before: my brother with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and my cousin, my mother and me with Pfizer. ...


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More than 99.99% of fully vaccinated people have not had a severe breakthrough case, CDC data suggests

The vaccine-refusers jump on anything that they think supports their view. If they would try to understand what a vaccine does they would soon find out that it does not guarantee a 100 % protection. A small fraction of people still gets the virus,  see above. Anyhow, anybody is free to harm oneself to his hearts content.

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