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The Covid-19 thread


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UPDATE: 91 new coronavirus cases, 1 more death in Thailand (Friday March 27)

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and Department of Disease Control and confirmed a 91 new cases of the the Covid19 coronavirus at their daily press briefing this morning (March 27). There was also an additional death reported.

The new numbers bring the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 1136 and deaths to 5. Two Thais have also died in the past two day in New York.

The Ministry outlined details of the new cases…

Group 1: Connected with previous confirmed cases…

  • 5 from the “boxing match cluster”
  • 7 from a nightclub cluster
  • 18 people who are close contacts with previous confirmed cases

Group 2: New cases…

  • 10 people back from abroad (9 Thais and 1 foreigner, most intervened at airport screenings)
  • 5 individuals who were working with many people, primarily foreigners
  • 46 cases who are being identified and traced

The new death was a patient in the southern Narathiwat province.

Meanwhile two Thai nationals living in New York have died in the past two days. The Thai Foreign Ministry reports the Thai consulate general reported that a 50 year old man working as a mechanic in Queens Borough died on Wednesday. Another 50 year old, working as a chef in a Thai restaurant in Manhattan died yesterday.

The two deaths took the number of Thai dying from Covid-19 in the US to three.



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Army officers sidelined over illegal boxing match that caused ‘Covid-19’ cluster

The head of the army’s welfare department has been “transferred to an inactive post” along with other army brass, as an inquiry begins into a now-notorious boxing event on March 6 at the Lumphini Boxing Stadium that’s has led to scores of Covid coronavirus infections. The Royal Thai Army announced today that that Major General Rachit Arunrangsri, who was in charge of the stadium at the time the match was organised, will be side-lined at army HQ.

The stadium is owned and operated by the Royal Thai Army, part of its network of commercial ventures that also includes hotels, petrol stations and golf course. The Ministry of Public Health has traced at least 150 of the 1136 people infected in Thailand so far to the match. The patients are a mix of attendees, staff, and those who came in close contact with them, and are now known as the “boxing match cluster.” The match was held despite a March 3 order by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha requiring large gatherings to be cancelled or postponed. The holding of the event could thus be deemed a violation of a government order.

Yesterday the the army’s commander-in-chief, Apirat Kongsompong, ordered the head of the Army Personnel Department to form a committee to investigate the holding of the boxing event.

According to the army regulations, the key person running the stadium must be removed to headquarters in order to pave the way for the committee to investigate. An informed army source says the transfers will enable the probe to proceed smoothly. Apirat has assured that the investigation will be transparent and straightforward.

Rachit himself is being treated at Phramongkutklao Hospital, after he was infected with the virus.

Last month the head of the Army said that they are overhauling the Royal Thai Army’s business interests that may be in conflict with their duties to serve the nation.



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54 minutes ago, buffalo_bill said:

This here:

" The "news" media and Dems are stoking panic! Don't be dumbed down and sucked in! "


  published by poster Cavanami on March 13th in the USA thread. Who seems to suffer from Alzheimer.

That's old timers, you young whipper snapper! 

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Artists pay tribute to health personnel through songs

Singers are using what they do best to support the country's health personnel, the people on the front line of the war against the coronavirus.

As Public Health Minister Anutin Charnveerakul lambasted Covid-19-infected doctors and nurses, saying they had not taken proper care, our singers and musicians took the opposite track. They are singing their praises.

Bodyslam front man Arthiwara Kongmalai, better known as "Toon Bodyslam", on Monday kicked off the #cover19 campaign on Instagram and invited other artists to sing cover versions of any songs for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

The artist must sing a cover version of another artist's song on any social media platform at 7pm. The artist whose song they perform has to cover a different song the next day.

"We hope that our live perfomance will put a smile on their faces, more or less," Toon posted on his Instagram account.

"As we are sitting comfortably at home, others are at the hospitals. They are small people, at risk while they are doing their duty for others," he said on another post.

Toon started it off with Love You, Tim, a song of the Modern Dog rock band. Modern Dog lead singer Thanachai "Pod" Utchin sang a song of Anchalee Chongkhadikij, who later passed the baton to Seksan Sukpimai, better known as Sek Loso.

The #cover19 is not the only project showing artists' appreciation of health workers.

Su Boonliang wrote a special song, Warriors in the Gown Dress, for them from his home island of Samui. "We don't see their faces as all wear masks, but we see their big hearts behind the gown dress," he wrote.

Singer Apiwat "Stamp" Ueathavornsuk also sings Dear Doctor for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

As they all expressed their appreciation of the work being done by health personnel, the public health minister on Thursday stunned them by criticising medical staff who have been infected with the virus, accusing them of not taking good care of themselves.

Mr Anutin came out hours later to offer an apology, claiming he had not listened closely to a reporter's question.

On Thursday night, Toon, who earlier ran to  raise money for equipment at hospitals across the country, posted another message, seeking to console all health personnel after the heart-breaking criticism by  their minister.

"Thank you all for what you have done for us all along," he tweeted on his @ToonArtiwara account. "Love," he wrote with a small red heart icon.


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14 hours ago, Flashermac said:

I bow to your superior knowledge of the USA. My family has only been living there since the early 17th century (except for a few later immigrants and a Native American or two back in the 1600s).

BTW ... Red Neck  derives from coal mine strikes long ago, when the striking miners wore red scarves and the "scabs" did not. So your evil red necks were in fact proletarian workers struggling against the wealthy mine owners. End of history lesson.


I have no superior knowledge of the USA, my comment was an attempt to rark up Cav.

And yes Red Neck, is indeed from the coal miners, as noted several times on this very board. But in my use, was intended to portray, the modern, gun-carrying, yokel, Trumpanzee, such is the modern use for this term. Perhaps Red Cap might be more appropriate?

Any hoo, I hope it doesn't come to this. We've already had queues outside a gun store in NZ, where the IQ of the participants was revealed, in that, in NZ, you have to wait some weeks, to get a gun, and only air rifles are available off the shelf. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/412528/gun-store-owner-urges-calm-after-firearms-owners-queue-outside-shops




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7 hours ago, Flashermac said:

Artists pay tribute to health personnel through songs

Singers are using what they do best to support the country's health personnel, the people on the front line of the war against the coronavirus.

As Public Health Minister Anutin Charnveerakul lambasted Covid-19-infected doctors and nurses, saying they had not taken proper care, .....

This Anutin twat, seems like he wants to be added to the list of reasons that Politicians should not be allowed to control a country. Maybe we are all ready for government of technocracy


Anutin Sorry For Threatening To ‘Whip’ Doctors Who Caught Virus ::

“As far as I have been briefed, no doctor has been infected while they are treating Covid-19 patients,” Anutin said when asked about measures to prevent infection among the medical professionals after news surfaced that some of them have caught the virus.

“This is why we have to whip them. We’re not happy with those medical personnel who do not take good care of themselves. They are supposed to be a role model.” [ unlike politicians who are supposed the be role models for the most execrable , nasty,  people on the planet ]












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...and now we have this...

Condom shortage looms after coronavirus lockdown shuts world's top producer

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A global shortage of condoms is looming, the world's biggest producer said, after a coronavirus lockdown forced it to shut down production.

Malaysia's Karex Bhd <KARE.KL> makes one in every five condoms globally. It has not produced a single condom from its three Malaysian factories for more than a week due to a lockdown imposed by the government to halt the spread of the virus.

That's already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems such as Britain's NHS or distributed by aid programs such as the UN Population Fund.

The company was given permission to restart production on Friday, but with only 50% of its workforce, under a special exemption for critical industries...


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