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The Covid-19 thread


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Chinese one has passed enough trials for other countries to start using. In a few weeks a number of countries will use it. Indonesia and 9 other countries.

Injecting 1 million people so far rates as a pretty good trial in itself. Plus they are already testing in more than 12 countries.



Why does it need to pass UK regulations when it's ok for their own?

UK used it's own regulator no doubt as did China

USA has still not approved the vaccine. Neither has Germany. The two countries that developed it.


The ABC in Oz gave a better headline. "First UK vaccine used in the UK"

So if the vaccine is from USA and German companies, why isn't it being used in USA and Germany?

Seems there isn't a global standard for approval.

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Oh, why was UK the first?

Well it seems they also skipped, like China, normal approval process

Why was the UK first?

The vaccine was granted emergency authorization in the UK by its independent regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which has played a crucial part in the process.
The MHRA began a rolling review of Pfizer and BioNTech data from October, with each "package" of data reviewed as soon as it became available. This allowed regulators to examine the data in detail before a final authorization application was submitted.
According to the MHRA, a rolling review "can be used to complete the assessment of a promising medicine or vaccine during a public health emergency in the shortest time possible."
This approach helped accelerate the authorization process and a formal review of all the necessary information began in the UK on November 23, leading to Wednesday's announcement.
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