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The Covid-19 thread

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The way things are at the moment,we’re more likely to die of boredom than a virus.

"Lastly, I'm going to get a check up and see if I have any level of diabetes since both my parents have it and I must be predisposed to it and other things like hypertension as well." CS, I

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1 hour ago, chocolat steve said:

Once again, context is everything. 

First, its a bit rich that conservatives are against anyone making money. ALL recent presidents have made more money after leaving office. 

Second, the amounts were NOT made while in office. The figures are for the years AFTER the president left office. 

Third, what is corrupt about it? Give us specifics. Ex presidents, senators, etc, have always made money from speeches to any group willing to pay them for it. How is that corrupt? If the Texas Cattlemans annual convention wants to pay Bush 250k to be its keynote speaker, exactly how is that corrupt? If a company asks Obama to give its opening speech, how corrupt is that? if a publisher pays him and Michelle millions for a book deal on their life, how is that corrupt? 

Trump will make tons of money. This tweet is willfully lacking in context. I repeat NONE of these ex presidents made that money while in office. It implies that. Show me where Obama was paid over a hundred million dollars for anything while in office. He can't. There are laws against it. The emollient clause that TRUMP VIOLATED multiple times. 

Could Cavanami do us a comparison list about how much taxes the esteemed gentlemen/ladies paid?

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2 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Didn't Trump say he'd show his taxes then didn't??

Yes. Ever since Nixon as accused of tax evasion, every presidential aspirant since has released their taxes. Usually the most recent 5 years on average. Its not a legal requirement just a tradition to show transparency. 

Trump knew that and frankly didn't expect to be the nominee until he was. Then he said "i'm being audited'. Which would disqualify any other nominee. It also raises red flags, as well as a few questions. 1. Why run for office if you are being audited? 2. Why are people voting for a person who is being audited and has a history of bankruptcies and expect EVERY other candidate to show theirs. Hillary was pilloried for what was in her taxes. Had she opted out, she would be deemed not a viable candidate by the SAME people who let Trump run without showing his. 3. Trump could still have shown the taxes he submitted and say they may change after the audit. 4. The very fact he fought hard as hell from people suing him is a red flag. 


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Let's see...covid lock down...I need to replace a water faucet, so off to the big home improvement store, Thaiwatsadu, nope, closed....OK but why are hundreds of Ma and Pa shops selling the same items (at greatly inflated prices since the competition is forced to close) as Thaiwatsadu open???

Lockdown Thai style...

I need a new motorcycle helmet...off to Big C to buy one....nope, that part of the store is closed...OK so much for obeying the law and having a bit of safety...and the hundreds small motorcy shops selling helmets...

Lockdown Thai style...

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50 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Amazing lack of Trump news in the press, however Bidden does claim to raise federal wages to $15, and bring back some small union rights Trump tried to kill off

...and Bidumb just killed off tens of thousands of union and non-union jobs, this is how the demorats roll. The big bosses of the unions sold out their union members, nothing new, just another day in the office for them.

The press...are you joking? after seeing the fake press sell out for the last 4+ years...

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USA was once the leading country with great unions, May 1, the labor day celebrated across the communist world is a USA event and taken elsewhere


Death of Unions is very sad


Though I do notice that crazy leather shirt guy, who I do enjoy watching, has been dumping on Trump lately, as well as Republicans

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