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The Covid-19 thread

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Philip Hill is the co-director of the Centre for International Health, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine at the Otago Medical School.

"I think you have to snap out of the Donald Trump approach to life and start becoming global citizens. If that's not a debate that can get onto the table, then we've got a serious problem in New Zealand, as people."


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The way things are at the moment,we’re more likely to die of boredom than a virus.

"Lastly, I'm going to get a check up and see if I have any level of diabetes since both my parents have it and I must be predisposed to it and other things like hypertension as well." CS, I

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Wuhan team delivers origins bombshell

Experts revealed it is “extremely unlikely” the virus came from a lab — and it may well have originated with a species other than bats.


...Dr Embarek, the WHO’s food safety and animal disease specialist and chairman of the investigation team, said that according to their research, an intermediary host species is “the most likely pathway (for crossover into humans) and one that will require more studies and more specific targeted research”...

...The panel said it was likely other animals may serve as reservoirs, including those from the “feline family”, given the high susceptibility of minks and cats to the virus...

...said the coronavirus samples identified in bats and pangolins are not “sufficiently similar” to SARS-CoV-2 to suggest a direct link...


I knew it!  F**k'in Cats!

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Chlorox Next?

Hydroychlroquine was never banned per ce, it was still allowed to treat Malaria just not Covid-19

Chlorox was never banned, still allowed as a disinfectant but not recommended to be injected for Covid-19.

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