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Is Kim Jung Un Dead?

chocolat steve

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Don't expect things to get any better without him. As long as the military backs the Kim family, it will just be more of the same.

Kim Jong Un Has Put North Korea in Position to Outlast His Reign

Whatever the state of Kim Jong Un’s health, he has already put North Korea in its strongest position to resist U.S. pressure in decades

Eight years after Kim filled the power vacuum left by the death of his reclusive father, Kim Jong Il, North Korea is more secure and less isolated. The 36-year-old supreme leader has achieved two key marks of legitimacy long sought by his predecessors: a nuclear arsenal that can credibly deter an American attack and a personal relationship with the U.S. president, including three face-to-face meetings with Donald Trump.

While North Korea is still among the world’s most impoverished nations, living standards are rising for the ruling elite in Pyongyang. Kim has shown he can endure crushing economic sanctions, illustrated by a United Nations report published Tuesday accusing the regime of widespread evasion. Moreover, the Kim dynasty holds a renewed pledge of strategic support from its ultimate guarantor, China.

“The country has pole-vaulted in their nuclear-destruction potential and missile-delivery capabilities compared to capabilities under grandfather or father Kim,” said Soo Kim, a Rand Corp. policy analyst who specializes in Korean peninsula issues. “The specter of a North Korean nuclear attack breeds enough unease in the international community to lean more towards accommodation than confrontation.”

That’s why many longtime observers of North Korea say the current uncertainty surrounding Kim Jong Un is less consequential than past succession scares. Speculation has been swirling about Kim’s health since he dropped out of state media last week, failing for the first time to attend events to celebrate the April 15 birthday of his late grandfather, Kim Il Sung.

U.S. officials said they were told Kim was in critical condition after cardiovascular surgery, while South Korea said he was conducting “normal activities” in a rural part of the country. Trump told reporters that he thought that a separate CNN report earlier this week, which said that Kim was in grave condition, was “incorrect,” adding: “I’m hearing they used old documents.”

No matter what, North Korea leaders have strong incentives to preserve the regime and Kim’s strategy of seeking sanctions relief from the U.S. by building a more dangerous nuclear arsenal. Indeed, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, who has traveled to Pyongyang four times, indicated that the dispute between the two countries would persist if a successor such as Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, took power.

“The challenge remains the same, the goal remains unchanged,” Pompeo said Wednesday on Fox News. “Whoever is leading North Korea, we want them to give up their nuclear program.”



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Me habla no guess.

I do know, that when the NK state press says, '...no problem, move along, nothing to see here, and  China can we please have one of your "Biggest and Best Medical Team for the flying to North Korea and like places, at a moments notice",  asap',  that little Kimmie is unwell, a lot, prolly dead.

Expect to see him propped up in a chair soon, with a fishing pole to move his hand or arm, so he looks animate.

Of course, an alternative to one of his Family taking over, is someone in the Military with the Family still pulling strings. But I can't help thinking, that if there're any widespread virus deaths there, that the people might snap.

Chances of Nuclear aggression, minimal, but not vanishingly so.

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I have read on Yahoo news. I know well vetted news.555

But one reports/ rumors is his sister in more ruthless than him. That yes she would take over. Then another report/ rumor is his half brother has taken control with the help of some Chinese forces..

Where is Dennis Rodman when we need him for the "true" facts...555

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'nuther snippet, from the international information machine that is the interweb, Kimmie's train has been seen at his seaside resort.

Whatever that is, train broken down on piece of track, next to the sea and a small hut? on the way to China?, run out of fuel for train? possibilities are endless :)

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North Korea has always been a pawn (or perhaps a knight) to the Chinese so they can direct aggression to the west by proxy.  Whether that fat cheese eating motherfucker is dead or not - he was always propped up by the Chinese.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he died of a massive heart attack.  It's well known he was addicted to cheese (of all things - at least Trump is addicted to good old fashioned coke, sniff).  He ballooned up like one of those toy helium balloons.  Just by looking at his photo you could envision his arteries being bricked up like a farmer weaving a fence of long chain polymers.   Quite frankly I'm surprised it didn't come sooner. 

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