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We seemed to have downsized to a hardcore cabal of forum members.  I've been here for at least 15 years.  I tried pattaya addicts but it was just too much for me - or more like too much for them.   

Anyhow I'm thankful for posters like Bubi, Coss, Chocalate Steve, Mekong, Flash and even Cav. 

I exclude myself because I've become rather disillusioned by my posts.  I look back at them with a wistful longing.  I always knew that I was better than that.  Writing with a pint of scotch in your belly isn't conducive of great writing.  

Still I mind of some brilliant posts over the years.  Some of those trip reports were absolutely brilliant.  Insightful memoirs really.  I have to say I really like Bubi posts for there kind of inimical satire and wry commentary of the whole scene.   Whores in retirement - well we can all smile at that. 


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I've often felt Mr. Fiery Jack was due for some international recognition, perhaps a Pulitzer (sure there is a relevant category), an Interpol notice, maybe even a textbox in the latest edition of the Lonely Planet, as living history of the Nana Hotel or some such.  I'm not sure that his employ of a broad range of emojis will age as well as Mr William Shakespeare's reliance on iambic pentameter, but the two men are certainly in the same neighborhood when it comes to capturing the vicissitudes of this human life we share.  More recognition of a poster than any particular post, yet nonetheless - my hat-tip and thanks to Mr. Jack!  

YimSiam 🙂

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Apart from myself I regard Mr FieryJack as a true genius in writing. Followed by Wildalaska sitting in a Chessna plane with a dead wildbore on his lap. According to his own very words but who cares. Probably sitting on a tuktuk with a drunk freelancer in reality but this is what writers are for.

It is now more than 20 years I spent numerous hours here and got to learn that mum leg broken is more than   a tragic accident and who remembers the White Towel?

These were good times and as soon as this farking virus is under control it just goes on. Hopefully.

Pam truely loves me, remember that.






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Fiery Jack by a country mile. Only other writer that came close was his mate Muff Richardson that also posted once or twice. Oh, and of course that brilliant nutcase Mao Mark (?) from about thirty years ago. That character SileakHunt was very wonderful too. I liked him.

What happened to Fiery Jack? He hasn’t posted on here for ages. I hope he’s okay.

Jack 🤯

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