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Post Stickman Era

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Well we seemed to have arrived to a post stickman era owing to many things. 

I never really understood most of the posts.  Most contained misogyny, western arrogance, and to put it kindly - simple ignorance.  Being fleeced seems to me a kind of karma. 

I could always see through people, what they want, their desires.  This doesn't even take much mental calculation to compute - usually over a pint of beer.  I drink a lot to numb the pain of being hyper aware. 

I think most westerners come to Thailand  expecting romance - 'we'll be holding hands in Lumphini park'. 

I mean, it seems incredibly obvious to me. 

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Lumpini is a nice park - however my Mrs is very shy to show affection when in public.

I was chaperoned on the first few dates until I worked out the chaperone liked to drink so I gave her a bottle of duty free whisky

Interestingly, my two daughters aged 18, one chaperoned the other when she went on her first date with a boy she likes.

No idea what the Aussie boy thought was going on.

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