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Bars, massage parlours may be be allowed to reopen in Phase 4

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Drinking at a bar and having soapy sex at a massage parlor may be possible again in the next phase of lifting restrictions put in place to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 task force spokesperson Taweesilp Wisanuyothin said today that such entertainment venues are being considered for the fourth phase of reopening the economy as officials have not detected local transmission in nearly two weeks.

No date was given. He also announced that 17 new cases had been confirmed since yesterday, all involving Thais returned from abroad and placed into quarantine. Thirteen had returned from Kuwait, two from Qatar, and two from Saudi Arabia. All were brought home under a government program to repatriate thousands of Thais stranded overseas after international arrivals were banned.

Other businesses floated for Phase Four reopening included schools, nurseries, science centers, conference rooms, film and TV production, amusement and water parks, national parks, beaches and entertainment events.

As for bars and massage parlors, Taweesilp suggested they were far from ready to move forward.

“I have to say I’m worried about these places because of our reports that a lot of masseuses were infected and there were super-spreader infection cases from bars in foreign countries like South Korea,” Taweesilp said. “If you want to your businesses to gain permission to reopen as quickly as possible, you have to show us how you are going to control disease spreading among 200-300 people,”

He has recited the same report of infections spreading from a South Korean bar for the past month to argue for the ongoing prohibition of bars and alcohol sales at all restaurants, an important source of income.

As of today, limited testing has discovered 3,101 total infections, and the death toll stands at 58.

Cases of Thais infected in foreign countries are not expected to end anytime soon as the government is looking to increase the number of flights bringing Thais from. Students and workers with nearly expired work permits are among its priorities.



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Better get that große Wurst wound up and ready for action! 55555555555555

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Pubs, bars may open on July 1 if they follow 22 iron-clad rules


A meeting between the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA)’s special taskforce committee and entertainment venue operators resolved that pubs, bars and entertainment venues could be allowed to open from July 1 provided they strictly observe following 22 practices:

• Controlling the number of patrons to ensure the venue does not get congested;

• Checking every customer and staff member’s temperature;

• Providing alcohol-based hand sanitising gel at all entrances and other areas as necessary;

• Ensuring groups are no bigger than five;

• Ensuring customers queuing to be seated maintain social distancing;

• Ensuring all tables are at least 2 metres apart or are partitioned;

• Ensuring seats are at least one metre apart;

• Ensuring all venues are properly ventilated;

• Only eating and drinking is allowed;

• Beverages can only be served individually, and shared jugs or ice buckets are prohibited;

• Serving staff are required to wear a mask or face shield at all times;

• Stage or performance area must be partitioned, and audience must be at least 2 metres away from the stage;

• Event comperes or speakers are required to wear a face shield at all times;

• Patrons are not allowed to be loud or walk around the venue if not necessary;

• If the sharing of food or beverages cannot be avoided, everyone at the table must be provided with an individual serving spoon or glass;

• Toilets must be cleaned every 30 to 60 minutes;

• All tables, chairs and frequently touched surfaces must be cleaned regularly;

• No sports matches or competitions that will attract large groups of people are allowed;

• No video gaming or pub games like pool and darts will be allowed;

• Social distancing measures must be observed in smoking areas;

• No service personnel or public relations representatives are allowed to sit with customers.


So if it's you and < 4 freelancers, you should be OK as freelancers are neither patrons or staff.

Or me and 4 freelancers for that matter., and a large child's paddling pool,  2l baby oil...

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