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NACC lays 'light' blame on police for Red Bull scion's escape

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PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and his deputy Prawit Wongsuwan on Wednesday denied allegations that the executive branch conspired with the prosecutors to drop charges against a billionaire accused of a fatal hit-and-run in 2012.

PM Prayut said the government was never influenced by the family of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya into dropping the charges, despite reports that the clan has donated a large sum of money to the police in recent years. Deputy PM Prawit also said he didn’t even know Vorayuth personally.

“They don’t have power to do so,” Prawit said. “I don’t know his family. I don’t know him personally either. They never approached me for help.”

Their denial followed speculation that the junta-appointed committee on justice system and police affairs might have helped Vorayuth, whose family owns the Red Bull empire, to get away with the charges related to the crash in 2012.

The most serious offense accuses Vorayuth of reckless driving that resulted in death.

Vorayuth has never appeared in court, and an arrest warrant wasn’t issued against him until 2018.

Media reports say the delay was caused by a letter sent by Vorayuth’s lawyer to the junta-appointed committee and the prosecutors, complaining of unspecified ‘unfairness’ in the case.

The petition reportedly forced the investigators to reevaluate the evidence and eyewitness’ accounts.

What conflict of interest? 

A report published earlier this week also revealed that the Yoovidhya family has donated a sum of 300 million baht to the government and the police. The donation was allegedly made after PM Prayut asked top-earning tycoons in April to come up with plans to assist the public in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Prayut’s call for advice did not solicit any money, the government accepted the donations from the Yoovidhya family anyway. Deputy PM Prawit today insisted no special arrangements were made.

“There’s nothing about it,” Prawit said. “It’s just like other tycoons.” {they all give me money}

Citing public interest, PM Prayut signed an executive order to set up a committee to probe into the case on Wednesday. The committee is chaired by a legal professor and is expected to spell out its findings within 30 days. {then the professor dies}

Thonglor police superintendent Samphan Leungsajjakul and the former case officer Viradol Tubtimdee also reported themselves to the separate committee set up by the police on Wednesday morning. {can we have our money please}

Advisor to the national police commissioner Sattawat Hiranburana, who headed the committee, said his task does not seek to reverse the prosecutors’ decision to drop the charges since the case is already concluded. {I've got my money}

The committee will instead question whether the decision made by assistant police chief Permpoon Chidchob not to contest the prosecutors was legal, he said.

The committee will conclude its findings within 15 days. {then Chidchob dies}


See the new rings I got from Red Bull? All top class, number one, highest grade, best quality,  24 carat gold and 10bht weight, happy happy rich rich...




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Vorayuth 'Boss' Yoovidhya, who has evaded justice for years in the death of a Thonglor police officer, spotted in 2013 at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix in Silverstone, England, in a photo provided by XPB Images. Photo: XPB Images / AP

Vorayuth 'Boss' Yoovidhya, who has evaded justice for years in the death of a Thonglor police officer, spotted in 2013 at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix in Silverstone, England, in a photo provided by XPB Images. Photo: XPB Images / AP


BANGKOK — Police insisted a trace of cocaine found in a billionaire accused of crashing his Ferrari into a policeman eight years ago was part of his dental treatment, a claim disputed on Friday by the national dentist guild.

Dental Council president Pojjanart Poomprakorbsri told the media the use of cocaine in dental operations was abolished a century ago. Police said the drug was administered to  Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya by a dentist just before the fatal crash in 2012, but declined to identify the person by name.

“It’s still difficult for us to launch an investigation since police have not disclosed who [Vorayuth’s] dentist was,” Pojjanart said. “We’re willing to give information to the police if requested.”

He added, “Cocaine was used to induce anesthesia in dental treatments in the past, but it has adverse effects on blood pressure.”

In the latest attempt that sought to exonerate Vorayuth from his charges, the police on Thursday said investigators decided not to press drug charges against the heir to the Red Bull empire because the residue of cocaine found in Vorayuth’s bloodstream was for medical purposes.

House Committee on Police Affairs spokesman Natchanon Srikokuea said the investigators failed to give sufficient evidence backing their claim. He urged the police to quickly clarify the matter to the public.

Vorayuth was accused of killing a policeman in a 2012 hit-and-run incident, but his case never made it to the court. Since the crash, Vorayuth has been traveling the world and openly mingling with his friends and family, according to a report by The Associated Press.

His family has also donated a sum of 300 million baht to the police and government in recent years, media reports said, though the authorities insist the charity did not influence the investigation into Vorayuth.



1st, why are the Cops mounting a defence for the slime ball,  and not the slime ball's lawyers?

2nd, when did the cops become defence counsel?


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3rd. If Cocaine was  Dental Treatment Dental Bookings would increase ten fold.

Cocaine went out with the ark, Plus it was an anesthetic applied by the Dentist and not the patient. Nowadays they use Novacaine, Zylocaine etc


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I was looking forward to my next trip to LOS and getting some Coca induced dental work :)

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Autopsy confirms death of key witness in Red Bull heir’s case was accidental

.../ of course:

A second autopsy, conducted on the body of Julachart Mardthong, a key defence witness in Red Bull heir’s hit-and-run case, has confirmed a police report that he died in an accident and that there was no foul play.

The finding was disclosed at a news conference this afternoon (Monday) by Pol Lt-Gen Prachuab Wongsook, commissioner of 5th Region Provincial Police, Dr. Bannakit Lojanaphiwat, Dean of the Medical Science Faculty at Chiangmai University and Associate Professor Dr. Kanda Mekjaidee, Chief of the Forensic Science Department at the same university.

Pol Lt-Gen Prachuab said that Mr. Jurachart sustained a fractured skull, a broken brain stem, shattered spleen and six broken ribs, with bleeding in the stomach and brain. {consistent with a head shot followed by falling of a moto at speed}

An X-ray didn’t find any metal in the victim’s body, but his blood alcohol content was measured at 0.218%. {bullet went straight through then or was removed before autopsies}

“A road accident can inflict injury or death if the victim has a 0.218% blood alcohol content, which results in slower reaction times. The muscles lose reactive response because of the influence of the alcohol.  The impact caused the fracture of blood vessels in brain stem,” said the Police Commissioner.

He insisted that doctors examined the body thoroughly and did not find anything suspicious, adding that the full results of lab tests will be out in the next few days and the public will be informed.

Although no traces of assault, which may have led to the victim’s death, have been found, Pol Lt-Gen Prachuab said those in charge of the case have not ruled out assault or suspicions about the victim’s personal wealth.

The victim’s body is still at the hospital, waiting to be claimed by his relatives.

Julachart was involved in a motorcycle accident with another motorcyclist in the early hours of July 30th, in Chiang Mai province, as both of them were heading for a town centre bar.


https://www.thaipbsworld.com/autopsy-confirms-death-of-key-witness-in-red-bull-heirs-case-was-accidental/  via Thai Visa


along with the general stink of this case, there is the 'other' bloke, who was drinking with him and persuaded him to go to another bar, down the road, which has now become known as 'Sniper's Alley'

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.../ of course:


Phone of key ‘Boss’ case witness destroyed, say police

Police say the phone of a key witness in the hit-and-run case involving Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya was stolen and destroyed after the witness died in a Chiang Mai traffic incident last week.

Jaruchat Madthong died on Wednesday night last week after crashing his motorcycle, but his phone went missing – triggering public doubt that it had been stolen to destroy vital evidence.

Investigators questioned Jaruchat’s employer, former Chiang Mai senator Chuchai Lertpongadisorn, yesterday. They discovered that Chuchai’s aide, “Lan”, had stolen the phone and destroyed it, said Pol Maj-General Prachuap Wongsuk, chief of Chiang Mai’s Investigation Division.

However, Lan had taken the sim card out of the phone and left it outside the house of Jaruchat, they added.

Lan claimed he was close to Jaruchat and had stolen the phone because he did not want to be linked with the hit-and-run case as he was running in a local election, police said. He claimed to have stolen the phone from the hospital that Jaruchat was taken to after the accident.

Jaruchat’s mother was called to listen to his testimony, after which police charged Lan with theft. Initial investigation of Lan and his family’s financial history found nothing suspicious, said police. The sim card will be examined for any information that links Lan with the case, they added. https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30392558?utm_source=category&utm_medium=internal_referral


Via The Nation and Thai Visa 

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2 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

Summary of the whole case. Additional information would be that I did never drink a single can Red Bull.

lipo v tan d.  superior pick me up

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