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All eyes on Chinese dams as Mekong countries count down to the monsoon


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It has been reported that the 3 gorge dam in China has some serious issues...it was serious enough so that Xi Jinping went there...

Older news...China Admits Problems With Three Gorges Dam


China announces 'No. 1 Flood' for Three Gorges Dam headwaters

50,000 cubic meters per second of flood waters rushing into Three Gorges Dam, matching 1998 levels (02 July 2020)

As torrential rain ravages southern China for the second straight month, the government has issued a number for a massive flood of the Yangtze River Basin, which threatens to further overload the Three Gorges Dam.

A "No. 1 Flood" has been announced for the Three Gorges Dam headwaters. According to China's major river numbering regulations, when the inflow of the Three Gorges reservoir reaches 50,000 cubic meters per second and the water level in the middle reaches of Lianhuatang rises to the warning level, the flood will be assigned a number.


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33 minutes ago, Flashermac said:

And with Chinese help the PDR Lao is building another dam of its own ...

In a couple of years fish in the Mekong will have to carry a water bottle with them.

Yep, bunch o' problems with the river, but then Laos will become more of a vassal state than it already is, lucky I bought land in the capital :)



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Poor Laos. At least when it was a tributary state to Siam it had complete domestic autonomy. Then the French took it over ... "to enforce Vietnam's claim" to Laos (which was non-existant) and exploited it for decades to their own advantage. (The French had the bright idea that the Mekong River would be their path to gain access to Chinese resources, which they soon found didn't amount to much in the late 19th century.) After Laos finally got its independence, the Pathet Lao decided to seize power by force and turned the country into a battleground with Hanoi pulling the strings. So now the PRC has managed to replace Hanoi as the new master.  :(


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