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The Thai Way


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For a while a dead mate and I had set up some "Thai girls guide to get money from farangs" guide

Was hysterically good fun back in 2001, girls taking the tips thinking some Thai girl had written them. Obviously I hadn't, but he was fluent from some diplomatic training and had a girlfriend on on the joke.

Maybe it wasn't a joke, I suspect the girls who took the booklet thought it was all real. The advise was very good


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I don't see any "Thai way" when it comes to the professionals. I might see an Asian way who always ask for something the westerners may say is irrelevant or fixed, move on.  Asians are after the  details, down to the binary guts of some failure, even down to hardware failure analysis in scientific Lab.

Thais are much milder than Japanese, Korean or even India,  happy to see some logical high level explanation.

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Yesterday evening the wife was reading news online and said to me “Problem in Indonesia, fire in mountain” 

She had forgot the English word Volcano, damn I didn’t  even know the Thai word for Volcano. 
At the time I hadn’t read or heard the news, but as soon as she said “Mountain Fire ”, I knew exactly what she meant, “Oh! you mean a Volcano”

It’s weird how, over the years, the brain tunes in, and what, to some may sound abstract or cryptic, to me makes perfect sense. Like, what else could “Mountain Fire” mean logically.

For the record, I have since learned the Thai for Volcano is “Phukhow Fai (ภูเขาไฟ)which literally translated means “Mountain Fire” so she was giving a literal translation, you learn something everyday.

She did not say whether the Mountain Fire Erupted or “Opened” 





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