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Thai ban on International/American travel to Thailand


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12 hours ago, Pom Michael said:

Hey Dean - I would guess that July would be a good date to expect this.  The expectation is that the quarantine will be reduced to 7 days for fully vaccinated people as early as April. 

I'd like to think so but all I've read so far seems to suggest October as a date for vaccinated travelers with no quarantine and then only Phuket and Samui where they hope to have done enough local vaccinations. Clearly targeting end of year peak season tourists.


Bonkers I think.

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I feel somewhat safe in buying my ticket yesterday for leaving for Thailand September 1, returning October 31.   With Taipei transit traffic restricted and Not trusting the Chinese handling Covid in Hong Kong, I chose Singapore over Japan and Korea.  I’ll get my 4th vaccine shot about 3 weeks before leaving and check to see if the Covid insurance is still required. I’ve noticed that travelers to Thailand have been able to extend their visa while in Thailand for several months at a time.  In June, I’ll apply through the Thai Consulate in Chicago for a 60 day visa and pay the $40 fee (they recommend not getting visa issued until you are within 90 days of using it).   
Hopefully, there’s not a Covid surge in the next 5 months.   I’ll be very happy to leave the political climate in the U.S., even if it’s only for 2 months. 

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I learned 5 years ago, flying China Eastern through Shanghai and Kumming, that lithium batteries are not welcome in checked luggage and China Eastern will keep your bag and not not contact you that they are keeping it.  Thai Airlines found the bag in Shanghai and got CE to ship it to Chiangmai 13 days after I arrived. I’ll bring stuff for my house but nothing on the prohibited list. 

Back in 2004, I brought a water pump through TSA in the U.S. and then Narita, where they looked at it for 10 minutes and let me through. Now, it’s weight alone would make it doubtful that it would make to Thailand in my carryon. 

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I once had a Canon video camera that set off alarms at the baggage inspection machine.

It transpires that there is a fluorite (or some such) coating, on some of the lens elements, that the machine thinks is a bomb.

So after pulling off the lens, looking through it and screw drivers being sent for and much argument, I had to suggest that if they damaged the lens, they would pay for it.

White faces on the scrutineers, and then they let me go, 35 mins.



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