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What the former board, with quality contributors did  to me, was developing interest in Thai history.

Thai Airways had an inflight  serial "King Naresuan", 6 epizodes, almost 3 hours each. A nation building melodramatic propaganda but had many facts from Thai history I had never known. Watched them all on (last) 3 flights to Thai and back. Even wanted to buy the DVDs in Bangkok but the shops had them erratically, 1&2, 4&5, never all 6 of the DVDs.

Based on that serial, we made 4 trips, 2,500km each around the Kingdom. My wife was puzzled why would anyone take such a great interest in Thai history. She does not know more than me.

Phitsanulok, the birth place of the King Naresuan was one of the many places we visited, stayed there overnight in a hotel. The most revered king of Thailand (well, Ayutthaya).


It was him who defeated the Burmese, who left Ayutthaya alone for 160 years. An epic battle (in all Thai text books, crammed into the heads of students, nation wide) that took place reportedly January 18. 1593. where he killed the Burmese invader's king Mying Shwe. My photo from Muang Boran history park, Bangkok


Tell me I am a moron, an idiot, but I love doing this - touring Thailand with my family. Even they are questioning why we are doing it to that extent.

Look at this: Khon Kaen, night, we got lost, got in 1 way short street in opposite direction. A band of policemen were catching motorbikers, one spotted us and said - wrong way, stay here. Stay here!

His commander came close, saw that I am a foreigner, asked my daughter "Nong, pasa Thai?  She could understand but not much speak, she said we were lost.

The commander (good English) , ordered a policeman, on a big white police Honda bike, to lead us to our hotel.  He did not know where the place was, radioed their headquarters.

Two days there, Khon Kaen is a lovely place. They are proud to be the heart of Isaan. Just go to the museums, Uni students  as custors. I loved the place,  the lake and the city. And vibrant it is, same shopping malls (Central, same shops asd in BKK), nothing what facebookers and bloggers portray as a poor armpit of Thai.

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Welcome back, think_too_mutt!  It is a quieter board these days, alas...

As you suggest with the mention of Thai history, a thing I enjoyed about the board in the early days was the wide range of interests beyond just nightlife. Both the Bangkok expat scene and the board membership have evolved, though.

Along with the personal histories of all the members, this board has been around long enough to have a little history as well. 😉

I forget just which political peregrination brought forth a crackdown on websites that talk about the nightlife, and we felt it necessary to dissociate with the nanaplaza.com domain. And there was a time when I thought it would get sold to the "new management" at NP- but "negotiations were not successful"

We've had some discussions about the future of the board, and I'm open to suggestions whether to put it to rest, change it, add new features, or even change the name back.

I've always thought nananplaza.com would do well as more of a business directory with reviews, etc, but it would take someone on the ground there to keep the info current.


cheers,   Jigger

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10 hours ago, khunsanuk said:


Aren't you guys contradicting yourselves? Complaining that we shouldn't have changed the name (to make the site appeal to a larger audience) while also complaining that the board members were only interested in the nightlife.



Namechange good or not, the Delphi times have been a highlight of communication and the best boardsoftware so far. I would not support the impression that people were only interested in nightlife. I learned for example that no sinsot should be paid and mum´s broken leg will also heal without Western Union involved. The Delphi times were absolutely great, who talks about the white towel any more. This culture simply evaporated.


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