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On 8/2/2021 at 10:42 AM, jigger said:

Responding to a long-dormant thread.

The name change was made because the ad system we used to generate a little revenue objected to the politically incorrect Nanaplaza activities, and some threat that the govt might block us.

At this point nanaplaza.com is still dormant; I'm open to suggestions how it might get used.

I'd consider approaching the operators of Nana Plaza and offering the domain name to them. They have deep pockets and I imagine they'd be interested, even if only to tie up the domain name so someone else couldn't acquire it. In terms of the big picture, I don't think it's a domain name that will have value forever so if it were me, I'd consider selling it.

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I originally thought NP mgmt would be eager for the domain name, but have had little luck in finding anyone with an interest.


I'm currently thinking I might, when tourist traffic returns, start an info site on nanaplaza.com, and maybe pay some freelancers to write articles.  There could be a whole new generation of mongers showing up that could use our sage wisdom 😉

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But from where would you source your freelancers from? Not from board members at a guess.

2 decades ago maybe, I have probably set foot in NEP 3 times this millennium and the last being probably 2001 or 2 

Ironic isn’t it people pay 100’s of $$$ and fly thousands of Km to visit Thailand / NEP yet I can’t be arsed with a 150 THB (plus tolls) taxi ride.

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