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The Clash in Thailand

My Penis is hungry

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I must have looked 100’s of times at that Album Cover and thought “Looks sorta familiar”, not the location obviously but the Narrow Single Track rail line, the klong, the vegetation, down to the poles carrying the Electricity Cables (Sad I know, but I used to build Power Plants and Transmission Lines) 

One slight error in the article is saying “Expressway” where as in fact it is the Airport Link to Makkasan Skytrain Station. 
Picture was probably taken early morning Trưng to find Bangkok Palace Hotel after an all nighter at RCA hehe. 

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"Check your guns at the door"

Air Loas used to have that policy, on leaving there'd be a pretty hostess with an iron ring holding up a variety of hand guns that had been checked in .


I also know a pub in Mt Hagen that has that policy - I thought a great idea to stop drunks inside shooting each other, then realized it means really very very drunks go outside to shoot each other. All in all, best not to be in that pub


I also know (fark just realizing I go to some weird places) a very popular Lebanese night club with the same policy, to keep two opposing factions from shooting each other. Until one night when I was at a table between two different faction leaders and their mates etc, and noticed that both of them had loaded shoulder holsters. I decided not to stay for the floor show (Which was usually very good)


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The number of real handguns, rifles etc is stunning, zip guns even, but yes a lot of machetes if your poor


If you can afford to go to a pub, you can afford a handgun


I was in the Stanly, best hotel in PoM, you know it, attached to vision city


I was having a tea with a TV and dish installer, not a well paid job, in day glow greens, when he started spinning 9mm bullets, I was a bit intrigued, why do you have them I asked,


Well, it's what my Glock uses he said pulling out his Glock and putting it beside his Earl Grey tea.


No one in the Stanley blinked an eye

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