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America's Cup


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Not to everyone's taste this sport, but if you're interested ::


note * My mate and I, at 18 built and sailed and sunk a C Class catamaran, then known as the little America's cup boat. He went on to contest another boat in a challenge at New York Yacht Club.

We have nothing to do with the current techno beasts, but some of their Ideas, like twin skin mainsails with open leaches, we started and people pretended not to listen to us...

Any hoo, these beasts do 3 times the wind speed and even though, it's only ~50 knots, on a boat at 1 metre above the water, that's plenty fast for the adrenaline...


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Amazing what foils can do, I watched a surfer off North Honolulu where the big waves are ride a foil surfboard, then once of the wave would dolphin the board back out to catch another wave without ever going back down, staying up on the foil, really impressive.

I love cats, but my most interesting one was surfing of Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast, going way to far out in heavy surf, flying along the waves, one hull then two, only to have the trampoline rip off,

Yes that was interesting.

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