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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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Wir haben Sommer in Deutschland
We have summer in Germany



My flowering rhododendron - a true splendour of blossoms

Early June 2021 - summer is finally here - the prolonged cold spell until the end of May is over.
The English high-pressure area, which brought us warmth and sunshine for about a week, has long since departed. Now the lows from the North Atlantic are back, bringing rain, thunderstorms and temperatures between 15 and 19 degrees here in Düsseldorf
One is modest. But now we have the brightest and lamest days of the year. The sun is approaching its northern tropic, the Tropic of Cancer, and that means between 16 and 18 hours of daylight and brightness for the countries and regions to the north.
I sit outside on the lawn until 22.30 and read a book. In the morning, shortly after four, dawn gradually begins to break.
Sure, the British, the Scandinavians and the Canadians know this phenomenon.
I love this time of midsummer. It is the most beautiful time of the year for me.
It is June and that means we have summer now. Yes.

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และนี่คือฤดูร้อน ครั้งแรกในชีวิต

Und es ist Sommer, das erste mal im Leben  ---  And it's summer, the first time in life
as the German-Romanian (a Transylvanian Saxon) Peter Maffay once sang over 40 years ago.
A hit, an evergreen, to this day.
What is this song about? It's about fucking, simple as that.

Es war ein schöner Tag
Der letzte im August
Die Sonne brannte so
Als hätte sie's gewusst
Die Luft war flirrend heiß

It was a beautiful day
The last in August
The sun was so hot
As if it knew
The air was shimmering hot

So far, so good. Then what happens?

Then I met her and looked into her eyes
I was 16 and she was 31
And I didn't know much about love
She knew everything

… I cut a romantic story short

And the boy
Took her hand shyly
But as a man I saw the sun rise
And it was summer

Yes, it is summer.

Here we have Mr. Peter Maffay singing “Und es war Sommer”



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I haven't been in touch for a long time.
In the meantime, the sun has reached its northern tropic and is now on its way towards the equator again.
We now have high summer and the most beautiful and brightest time in Germany.
The European Football Championship has started and we are already in the round of 16.
As an old white man, I have a lot of time and watch every game on TV.
Here are a few short match reports from tonight 26 June 2021 - two round of 16 matches.

Denmark Wales   Round of 16

4 : 0 if I remember correctly.
The Welsh were overtaxed in terms of playing technique and football tactics.
They are actually second class internationally.
They made it relatively easy for the cheerful Danes (the Danes were in the vein; can you say that?) to score four goals.
Wales is the second British team to be eliminated and I have the feeling that England will be knocked out by the Deutschen next Tuesday.  5555


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Italy -  Österreich  Round of 16

A great, rousing game.
The Italians dominated the first half. They created a number of scoring opportunities against bravely defending and sacrificially fighting Austrians.
The first half was about 60 : 40 in favour of the Italians.

The Austrians were much better in the second half. They continued to be strong in the duels, they put up their fighting spirit against the technically superior play of the Italians.
Thus, the Austrians created and "earned" a few very good scoring opportunities. One headed goal was only just offside. It is almost impossible to score a goal against this Italian team.

In extra time it continued to be a game on a high technical level on the part of the Italians and the Austrians not only fought in their usual way but showed hardly any signs of exhaustion or physical weakness. They also managed a few surprising moves and combinations.
Then the Italians scored their two goals and everyone thought that the Austrians would now give up or go down two gears.
No, they turned it up a notch and even scored a goal.

The best game of the European Championship so far.
Although the Italians were not entirely convincing, they are on their way to the final, it seems to me.

Football greetings from summery Deutschland

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A few reflections, a few memories and reflections on the games between England and Deutschland.

Deutschland will meet England in the European Championship round of 16. In the overall balance (36 matches), England is currently ahead with one win. But what is a record compared to all the stories this duel has to offer?
And there will be new stories, nice ones and not so pretty ones. Maybe already on coming Tuesday 27. June 2021. Excitingly, among other things, while Deutschland is England's footballing "nemesis", the reverse is not true; a case of "unrequited hatred", so to speak, which makes it all the more painful for the English who are in nemesis mode.

England vs. Deutschland has been a classic at least since 30.07.1966 - the non-goal of the century.
I heard the final on 30 July 1966 live on a bicycle on a small transistor radio. There were two of us on a holiday trip through northern Germany; a school friend and I; it was summer holiday. When Wolfgang Weber scored the equaliser in injury time, I landed in the ditch for joy.

The final of the 1966 World Cup between England and the Bundesrepublik Deutschland started furiously. After 20 minutes, the score was already 1:1 with goals from Helmut Haller (12th) and Geoff Hurst (18th). Twelve minutes before the end of normal time, England took the lead through Martin Peters, but German defender Wolfgang Weber equalised in injury time with his first international goal.

The legendary Wembley goal came in the 101st minute. Hurst shot the ball at the bottom of the crossbar, from where it bounced vertically downwards before being headed out of bounds by Weber. Swiss referee Gottfried Dienst ruled it a goal after consulting linesman Tofiq Bəhramov. Hurst went 4 :2 up in the final minute of the second half of extra time and although the goal would have been irregular under normal circumstances, with spectators already on the pitch, the final score remained 4 :2 after extra time. England thus became world champions for the first and only time.

I abbreviate the long history of German-English encounters.

Semi-final 1996 at Wembley Stadium Germany England:
Gareth Southgate - he gave the tragedian of Shakespearian greatness

26 June 1996, Wembley Stadium, European Championship semi-final. We witness one of the most regal, audacious, proud and beautiful cheers of the 90s.

Just take a look for yourself.

It was Gareth Southgate who missed the decisive penalty, the current coach of the England team.
And there were the heartbreaking tears of the unforgotten Paul Gascoigne …



I cut a long story short:  Last stop to the 1990 World Cup title

Andreas Brehme in the 60th minute; Gary Lineker in the 80th; and then a penalty shoot-out, which the Teutons win and thus enter the World Cup final for the second time in a row; these are the hard data of 04 July 1990.

Afterwards Gary Lineker said the famous sentence:

Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.


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One more addendum.

A ridiculous misjudgement!!!!!!!!

World Cup 2010, Round of 16: Germany's 4:1 almost became a minor matter as the referee makes one of the most massive misjudgements in recent World Cup history - take a look for yourself (yes, this goal was indeed not given).

My opinion: It was a just compensation for the Wembley goal in 1966.

The referee must have had this "goal" in his memory and thought that there should not be a second goal of this kind against Germany.


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44 minutes ago, Mekong said:

Another Chapter in the England Germany Saga

England 2-0 Germany Tues 29 June 2021

About bloody time we won one.

A great football festival at the right place. And how a game depends on things happening within a fraction of a second. Talking about Müller missing the target by about 1 meter. ( 3 feet +)

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I must admit my heart was in my mouth when Muller was clean through, I thought “He Must Score”, as soon as that shot went wide I knew it was England’s day.

The game changed as soon as Grealish came on, up until that point England were too pedestrian but he added the zip to midfield.

I cannot understand why Jadon Sancho didn’t get a look in, he plays against the German players week in week out.

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