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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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In 1997 32 may have been considered old, well sure it did I was only 33 myself back then, we were all 25 years younger.

it is not only the Girls who are getting older, so are the punters, by which I mean the newcomers.

Gone are the days when a bunch of lads would fly from Europe etc to Thailand on a “Naughty Nightlife” vacation, todays youth are too woke and Politically correct to consort with “Prostates” half would have kittens at the very idea.

As such, we are a dying breed, myself included, one can only do so many years of naughty nightlife until you want something different.


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and my 10¢

The heyday which we all here remember, in mostly fond terms, has been responsible for a vast number of western/asian marriages and children.

Arguably this trend started with the randy yanks (and allies), having Vietnam Conflict R n R in LOS, say hello Tiger...

The civilian adoption of, and dedication to, the cause has been phenomenal, I reckon.

Taking Middle Earth as an example, Kiwi/Asian marriages are far and away,  more prevalent than say, Eastern Block Europe, or other.






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On 1/11/2022 at 10:14 PM, My Penis is hungry said:

Glad you had a good friend and memories visit you

I wonder how many of us may not go back to Thailand soon? Maybe never again.

I am not sure I will return

Yes, I sometimes wonder when we'll get the chance to go back. I'm quite happy leading a quiet life here in New Zealand and if I was in Thailand these days my life really wouldn't be that different to how it is now- we'd be in a house in the suburbs leading a quiet existence there too.

I know a lot of people who used to read my ramblings have emailed me over the past year to say that they don't have any plans to return. It's less about Thailand, more about themselves. What we dig today might not hold great interest tomorrow.

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@ My Penis is hungry, Mekong, Stickman,

A few thoughts on the subject of "declining interest in a trip to Thailand".
A short brainstorming session:

There are several reasons for the declining desire for a holiday in Thailand.

* There is the advanced age. Men who used to fly enthusiastically to Siam in the 90s and the first decade of the new century are now over 60, 68 and older. Like me. They know they are no longer the active Sanukers full of testosterone they once were.
Toby Keith sings: “ I ain't as good as I once was / I got a few years on me now“
Link see below
* I suspect that many of these men, former enthusiastic Sanukers, do not have enough income now as pensioners to take 4 or 6 weeks or longer holidays in Pattaya, for example.
* Also the strongly increased prices in the bar scene (drinks, ladydrinks, barfine etc.) might deter many.


I always ask myself, where are the new generations of Western men? 

In 2018, 2019, 2020 (before Corona), where were the western sanukers of ages 30 - 55, 58? I was at Nanaplaza for days, then in Pattaya in Soi 7/8, WS and Soi Buakhao for weeks. What struck me again and again was that this age cohort was only very thinly represented; in comparison with former years.
Instead, many more Asian men in this age group. They dominate the Nana Plaza and Pattaya.

For Germany, I can say that things have been going well in the German economy for many years, there have been wage and salary increases; unemployment has been a foreign word for years. Why don't come the German men any more?
I mean men in the age group 30 - 55, 58. Their number has decreased a lot compared to the 90s.

Mekong tries to find an answer:

"Gone are the days when a bunch of lads would fly from Europe etc to Thailand on a “Naughty Nightlife” vacation, todays youth are too woke and Politically correct to consort with “Prostates” half would have kittens at the very idea."

Has a new generation of men really grown up in the western world who are no longer in the mood for the great fun with Thai girls?
Is the "new" upbringing and "new" education in kindergarten and school, in university and in the mass media so resoundingly successful that it makes men lose the erotic urge?
I find that hard to believe; I have doubts …

Toby Keith:


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Exellent paragraph from This Article

If the ‘sex recession’ idea is widely accepted, the reasons behind it are still highly contested. Conservative think-tank the Institute of Family Studies, for example, has suggestedthat the problem is that young people are getting married later, which is a convenient explanation for an organisation dedicated to the promotion of marriage. Others, including a psychiatrist quoted in The Telegraph article mentioned above, have argued that the sex recession is caused by young men being bamboozled by the concept of consent. The argument goes that they would like to be having more sex, but have been made too anxious by feminist harridans and are now too brow-beaten and “woke” to experience desire. People also argue that internet porn and dating apps have all contributed to some vague collapse in character, which means we no longer have the get-up-and-go to pursue sex, unlike earlier, spunkier generations. We are instead trapped inside masturbating to hentai and setting up an OnlyFans account

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On 1/20/2022 at 1:24 PM, Stickman said:

Yes, I sometimes wonder when we'll get the chance to go back. I'm quite happy leading a quiet life here in New Zealand and if I was in Thailand these days my life really wouldn't be that different to how it is now- we'd be in a house in the suburbs leading a quiet existence there too.

Stick, despite us living on the same Island, we've still not had a beer together, likely because of my hermit-like tendencies.

Next time you're bored in Jaffa-ville, let me know if you'd like one.

A tangent: you're probably sick to the back teeth of talk about StickBoy and I only tender the following link, as it references your site. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/lifestyle/sexpat-blogger-stickboy-abruptly-pulls-out-of-bangkok/?mc_cid=4f4d564f54&mc_eid=503e28128a

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1 hour ago, My Penis is hungry said:

I still want to see what the dicks said


Welcome to the very first Stick Uncensored Newsletter, the all-new weekly round-up of what's going on after dark in Bangkok and beyond.

Thanks to each and every one of you for subscribing, unlike those that went for the free version meaning an empty inbox this fine Sunday.

The Who, Where & Why?

Everyone with an interest in Thailand's naughty nightlife scene has been guessing who is behind Stick Uncensored with many fingers pointing at Mike “StickBoy” McKay following his sudden departure from the Land Of Smiles this week or was it last? When he left depends on which version of the stories circulating right now on the barstools of Bangkok you choose to believe.

According to the owner of Stick Media, Paul Hayward, the StickmanBangkok website was “hacked” which was a change in direction after he took to the Nana Plaza bar owners Line group last Monday accusing McKay of sabotage claiming “Mike had been a long term sufferer of mental health and alcohol abuse. This is clearly another serious mental breakdown but worse than the ones he has suffered in the past.”

From what we understand McKay was furious telling close friends this was the final straw and he was done with it all. All Stickboy social media accounts either vanished or were renamed, however, at this time his website remains online and accessible.

You might have picked up on in the paragraph above was the use of the word “we”.

That's correct, unlike years gone by when updates were done by one man, this newsletter is a collaboration involving four contributors and an outside editor based in the USA who pulls it all together making it readable and coherent.

Two of the team are based in Bangkok, who are on the ground 7 nights a week, and will keep you informed of what is really happening in Bangkok without any filters. The other two contributors, based in Europe and Oceania, will bring a wealth of knowledge, insight and opinion using a combined 35 years involved with the Bangkok nightlife scene.

The reasoning behind the launch was out of frustration at how stale nightlife coverage had become.

Paul “Stickman” hasn't updated the website since January 2021 following ongoing bar closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the owners being unable to sell advertising thus no money in the bank to pay his 70,000 baht monthly salary.

Mike “Stickboy” was in bed with almost every bar owner and under the direction of Hayward so said nothing but nice things, which as we all know isn't how real life is.

Dave “The Rave” returned to England and to be honest nobody noticed as his output was so infrequent and unreliable.

Steven “Bangkok 7” is nothing more than a sexpest who doesn't venture out of Patpong.

GoGoHopping is just regurgitated articles on 20-year old topics with other contenders such as Bangkok Nights and Chrome Crumpet merely photos of hot Asian women, many of whom aren't even Thai with absolutely zero news or updates on the goings-on after dark.

With the blogging scene in dire straights, it was decided by all involved via a few Zoom calls that now was the time to bring a new horse to the race. Not that it is much of a race.

One further point needing mentioning in this introduction is the accusations Stick Uncensored is a scam or fraudulent.

SubStack, which provides the platform to publish, is a long-established company in the publishing field as is the payment processor they work with Stripe who had revenues of $7.4 billion in 2020.



That is the who, where and why.

What’s Going On?

*** Suzie Wong reopened this week following a covid cluster that saw a number of ladies plus the manager Liam and mamasan test positive.

*** To enter Soi Cowboy punters must take an ATK test priced 120 baht if they are unable to show proof of a negative test in the past 72 hours. Testing starts at 6 p.m. This practice has killed Cowboy as many are concerned a test showing a positive result will see them hospitalized for 14 days and out of pocket 100k plus for the pleasure.

*** Those willing to take the test can expect to pay 190 baht for a small size bottle of beer if they visit Bacarra. Even during tough times, they don't let up on inflated prices which is extraordinary considering customers are sat on the street in plastic chairs.

*** Still on Soi Cowboy, The Dollhouse finally were issued their SHA certificate and reopened with no fanfare at all. More like The Doomhouse.

*** The late-night place to go right now is 8 Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 8 who have a soundproofed upstairs area that is jam-packed 7 night a week with closing time around 4 am. To enter you simply speak to the dishevelled looking Thai man stood in front of the half-closed shutter but he might tell you “closed” if the police are still on the street checking bars are following orders by closing sharp at 9 pm.

*** Today Bar at the mouth of Soi 8 have decided they want a slice of the late-night pie and are transforming their second floor into a drinking den which seems rather bizarre as it's where the toilets, girls lockers and office are. Could you find floor space for any more than four tables up there?

*** Covid cases in Soi 4 and Soi 7 bars remains rampant with selfish owners bullying staff into keeping quiet in a bid to remain open. This has been ongoing for weeks now, so be warned.

*** Talking of covid clusters, it is interesting that Playskool in Nana Plaza closed after an outbreak yet not a single sole from Twister BKK, The Beer Garden or Lollipop caught the virus. A Nana Miracle?

*** If you like ladyboys, get yourself down Soi 7/1 as the small bars are bursting with the third sex.

*** As one might expect, business in Patpong is dire. The majority of go-go's are closed and those open unable to draw a crowd from across town.

*** Bully's on Sukhumvit Road will be back soon with the renovation on the bar, which now has a 24-hour fitness club as a neighbour, getting underway.

*** Soi 11 is a shadow of its former self with the street deserted even on a Friday or Saturday night.

*** How long can the bars in the complex on Soi 7 last? The authorities are keeping a close eye on what's going on down there and some bars that have been told to close have six-figure rent obligations. Yes, the rents are crazy stupid for what is nothing more than a shed with filthy communal toilet facilities and ridiculously over-priced lady drinks.

Final Thoughts

In the Stick Uncensored intro, we published a list of article titles that will be coming up in the weeks and months ahead. This week will see the first of those published but which one would you like to read first? Do let us know as we plan to publish the first THIS WEDNESDAY as a bonus newsletter.

Until this Wednesday, thank you for your time, all feedback is welcome.


The Stick Uncensored Team

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