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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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July 2022 - Terrible heat wave in Europe.


It's supposed to get up to 40 degrees in London.
Hotter than Bangkok 5555
Topsy-turvy world.

Today - 19 July - we have the hottest day of this summer.
It's 36 degrees!!! Sunshine, blue skies. From 2pm to 6pm the thermometer rises to 36 degrees.
It is hotter in Duesseldorf than in Bangkok 55555
I take the garden hose every hour for a shower.

Greetings from the sweltering heat of Düsseldorf.


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I'm sitting in the Stoffeln beer garden and drinking fizzy water until I'm sick of it.
With my notebook I check my email inbox, write and answer a few emails, read and study the latest news, read a few articles in the German blogs and newspapers and write a few comments.

In a moment I'll be back under the garden hose.

Wasser marsch!  -- Water march!

live from Biergarten Stoffeln - Duesseldorf, Juli 19. - 2.45 pm



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I'm a little drunk; in the Stoffeln beer garden in Duesseldorf.


We are having the hottest summer in Germany since the weather was recorded about 150 years ago.
This summer is not only the hottest but also the driest! Especially in the Düsseldorf region we hardly had more than 10 mm of rain in the last 3 months June, July, August. Sunshine every day. My garden, for example, is bone dry! The lawn is brown instead of green.
Weather-wise it is better than in Pattaya in the dry season December, January.

Today - Friday 26 August - I had contact with some of my German-speaking Thai friends and some girls from Pattaya; e.g. via Facebook and other social media.
I am homesick.
I want a Som Tam with Kauniau now I want a Chang, a Singha, a bottle of San Miguel Light - or two. San Miguel Light is the Dom Perignon of beers, so to speak; it is therefore a bit more expensive than the other beers. Amidst the families of my Thai friends.
The female members praise me because I am polite, entertaining, I make a few polite compliments:
"Charly, you are Bakwahn"
the wives and daughters of my Thai friends smile and Charly is happy.
The Düsseldorf Altbier goes to my head - if my doctors could see me now - the internist and the cardiologist
" you are no longer our patient, find other doctors ..."

I am coming to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my stroke December 8, 2012 at Rockhouse, Smurf (German Bar) and Phil's Le Pub. (all in Pattaya)
This is a threat, not a promise

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Good on ya Nasiadai.

We in NZ are alternating between lovely Spring weather and torrential weeks of rain and cold, at the end of our Winter, life-changing flooding in some parts of the land. The lawns are quagmires.

The weather is - we've got all of your rain and cooler temps. Singha and San Miguel, yes, but Beer Lao is the one for me, not because of my association with Laos, but for the manner of drinking, with ice and all day in the heat :)

Not that I drink much any more, but if needs must...

I hope you make it to Patters for the 10 year anniversary of your stroke, mine was 2017 so the anniversary is not until 2027, by which time I will be in Laos, but I should be able to construct a memories trip, to lower Sukhumvit :)


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