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My Corona Diary December 2020 - 2021


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The past weekend was quite turbulent; 4. till 6. November.
After an eventful Saturday morning and noon full of adventures and a 3-hour conversation with my (old) university friends, I went to the Wellnetz bar, pub, restaurant, Kneipe in Duesseldorf-Oberbilk in the evening.
There they were all gathered again:
Gisela, the shop assistant who sits at the checkout at Aldi.
Hans, the forklift driver, the very one who brags about the stacking fork,
the guy from the DIY store who stands by the saw,
the timber salesman, the security man, Andi the scaffolder, a Germanic oak tree ... and many others.
And there are the Fortuna 95 fans, the Düsseldorf football club that currently plays in the second division.

And there is Frau Eva, who runs the whole place as a buffetiere, a buffetteuse, a waitress, also as a soul comforter.
Frau Eva knows them all:
especially those with thirsty throats, the weary and the burdened, the secret poets and philosophers,
She wipes the counter, adds paper napkins and taps twelve beers from the barrel.
The glasses of Altbier are quickly brought to the thirsty throats at the tables and bar tables, where they are received by the guests with loud hellos.
The door opens and closes, people come, people leave, it's always been like this since the big bang.

Frau Eva has a heart of gold.
This is also true for Sabrina and Melanie, the other girls who work here as service staff.
Sometimes a low has taken hold of my soul; but when Frau Eva or Sabrina or Melanie do their service in the Wellnetz there's a rainbow over the pub. And I know it will be all right. The three ladies always have a smile, a shoulder, a comforting, an encouraging word ...

I eat a farmer's omelette with fried potatoes and fried bacon.
Jörg, the boss and cook and landlord - all in personal union - cooked and fried it for me.
My dear guys, peoples, the food at Wellnetz is really good; and there are big portions.
They think big here! The boss alias cook is not stingy, not stinted here.
I say to Sabrina, the landlord's daughter - now just a young mother:
"I could, after our round of talks at Cafe Bazzar has broken up, go out to eat somewhere on Heinrich-Heine-Allee or at the Köbogen, in the center of Düsseldorf ( where it's most expensive 5555), but I'll come to you. Why?
In the places there, the portions are only half as big, but the price is twice as high!
And it certainly doesn't taste any better there. And afterwards you quickly go to a chip shop to satisfy your hunger."



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On Sunday at 8 am I drove with my sister from Düsseldorf to my flat in Buxtetown.
There we tidied up for 4 hours. That means my sister cleaned out my three wardrobes and my kitchen cupboards.!
She stuffed seven to eight big blue plastic bags full of trousers, jumpers, underwear, shirts, socks etc.
Even my collection of ties fell victim to her clearing-out mania.
Everything gone and off with the clothes into the old clothes containers. All these containers in Buxtehude are now full of my clothes.
I was able to save my Luftwaffe lieutenant's uniform from their sorting mania.
Thank God!
She also disposed of old kitchen utensils and a lot of crockery.
Old pots, pans, glasses, cooking utensils ... oh my goodness, what a lot of things have accumulated over the decades that you don't need now any more but you spent a lot of money on back then.
Then a quick vacuuming and mopping. Everything is ok and clean.

At the end of the day I could feel every muscle in my body; I went up and down the stairs with full bags and boxes about 18 times. On Monday the rubbish collection comes and takes everything away.

Many thanks, my dear sister.


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