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Gov’t To Charge Foreign Tourists 300 Baht For ‘Tourism Development’

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BANGKOK — A controversial plan to charge foreign tourists 300 baht each time they step foot in the country, supposedly to pay for maintenance of attraction sites, was welcomed by a prominent tourism business guild on Friday. 

Association of Thai Travel Agents president Vichit Prakobgosol said he believes the sum would not impact tourist arrivals, and money gained from the tax would benefit tourism infrastructure for Thailand. The government estimated that up to 3 billion baht could be raised annually if the policy is implemented. 


Comment - nah, tourists 'aint coming back for a long time, at least not until, the bar fines are 300 bht and the LT is 1,000

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Ironically in Indonesia all the places Thais mark up for the farangs, in Indonesia, it's the same very cheap local price and very clearly written.


In KL once with an older mate, we went to some very high tower. 


Wife and I paid full local prices. Malaysian girl at counter Askey mate how old he was, 61 he told her,


Oh, you get in for free as a senior person. 


You'd never see that in Thailand

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