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Stick taking another break it seems

My Penis is hungry

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10 hours ago, Soi biker said:

shortly after Dana posted every week. By the way do you know what happened to  Dana?


Thanks for the kind words.

Dana has been suffering from cancer for some years. From what I understand, it started in the prostate and then spread. I have not heard from him in several months but the prognosis was not good and last time I heard it was terminal. (I wouldn't normally talk about someone's health issues but Dana has been remarkably open about it, hence I mention it.)

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8 hours ago, Pom Michael said:

Hey Stick - good to see you here again.  

A few weeks ago you write an article about the old Bangkok based bloggers - that was a time travel piece back in history for me.  

Time for someone to consolidate a few newer bloggers/vloggers or now Twitter/Tiktok stars - something for Stickboy or someone. 

I'm surprised I never figured out the connection between Stickman and Stickboy. 

Still have both http://www.nanaplaza.com and http://soicowboy.com domains for sale!  


My feeling is that bloggers will slowly become a thing of the past as more and more people move over to YouTube and become vloggers. Some of the vloggers get more views in the first 24 hours of posting a new video than sites like Stickman get across the whole site in an entire week.

As for the relationship between Stickman and Stickboy, it is complicated. I can't say too much as I signed an NDA so forgive me for sparing a lot of details, but what I can say is that the person who bought Stickman was not Stickboy.

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18 hours ago, cavanami said:

I suggest that the next time you are in Bangkok, we have a meet up, like we did some years ago when the writers/contributors to your website, we all met up a Nana Plaza.

Sound possible? Do you have any idea when you might be back in Thailand?


Back in Bangkok? Oh, gosh, that won't be for a long time.....best guess is some time next year. Almost certainly won't be this year. Always happy to meet up.

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