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It's a ghost town ... :(


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On 3/8/2021 at 2:11 PM, My Penis is hungry said:

I thought he was Lord Lucan


John Bingham, 7. Earl of Lucan

From the German Wikipedia; an excerpt:

Bingham war der älteste Sohn von George Bingham, 6. Earl of Lucan, und Kaitilin Elizabeth Anne Dawson. Als Heir apparent seines Vaters führte er von 1949 bis 1964 den Höflichkeitstitel Lord Bingham. Er hatte zwei Schwestern und einen Bruder. Er studierte am Eton College und diente danach als Offizier bei den Coldstream Guards. 1963 heiratete er Veronica Mary Duncan. Beim Tod seines Vaters erbte er 1964 mit 29 Jahren dessen Titel als 7. Earl of Lucan. Binghams Mutter starb 1985. Er arbeitete als Merchant Banker, aber nach dem Gewinn von 26.000 £ beim Kartenspiel Chemin de Fer in Le Touquet gab er diese Tätigkeit auf und wurde Berufsspieler. Durch seine Spielsucht häufte er erhebliche Schulden an. Zum Zeitpunkt seines Verschwindens war er praktisch bankrott. Zum Kreis seiner Freunde, mit denen Lucan regelmäßig im Clermont Club in London spielte, gehörten unter anderem Charles Saatchi und James Goldsmith.


Bingham was the eldest son of George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan, and Kaitilin Elizabeth Anne Dawson. Heir apparent to his father, he held the courtesy title of Lord Bingham from 1949 to 1964. He had two sisters and a brother. He studied at Eton College and then served as an officer in the Coldstream Guards. In 1963 he married Veronica Mary Duncan. On his father's death in 1964, aged 29, he inherited his title as 7th Earl of Lucan. Bingham's mother died in 1985. He worked as a merchant banker, but after winning £26,000 at the Chemin de Fer card game in Le Touquet, he gave up this occupation and became a professional gambler. His gambling addiction caused him to accumulate substantial debts. At the time of his disappearance he was virtually bankrupt. His circle of friends, with whom Lucan regularly played at the Clermont Club in London, included Charles Saatchi and James Goldsmith.

Newspaper articles in the German tabloid press reveal that Lucan accidentally killed the nanny in the dark.
He probably wanted to kill his wife, who had custody of the children.

He was in a desperate situation, he was probably no longer in control of his senses and his mind.
A German tabloid magazine "Gala" reports that the son of the slain nanny tracked down the guy in Australia.


Lord Lucan
Hält sich der mutmaßliche Nanny-Mörder in Australien auf?

Is the suspected nanny killer in Australia?


These are stories that only life can write.



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But now to Soi 4 , Nana.It is a disaster. It's catastrophe, a tragedy.

My heart is sick. My beloved Soi 4, my most beloved Nana Plaza.

The pubs are closed, restaurants are closed - among them is the "Heidelberg", here you can get the best German home cooking.
You hardly see any people in this video. There are hardly any tourists; you can count them on the fingers of one hand.

The question is whether the bars, the pubs and restaurants and also the hotels will open up again in the post-Corona period and
recover and be able to return to their old turnovers?
I don't see any problems on the supply side. The Thais are pragmatic and millions of workers are looking for well-paid jobs.
But how will it be on the demand side?
Will there be enough (solvent) tourists?
And if so, which tourists will they be?

The number of Asian men will - as before - continue to rise, while Western men will become fewer and fewer. Slowly, slowly.
I have described and discussed this topic in detail here.



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