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Opinion: Why Are Numbers Of Monarchy-Reform Demonstrators Dropping?

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It’s an undeniable fact that recently, the number of monarchy-reform, anti-government demonstrators have dropped significantly compared with last year.

Since the protesters returned to the streets earlier this year, the number seems never to exceed 3,000 people max. On Tuesday, a day after three protest leaders were indicted for royal defamation and denied bail, the crowd of black-clad demonstrators in front of the Criminal Court in Bangkok was no more than 300.

Yes, no more than 300. I did not miss one or two digits...



Coss comment:  it's because increasingly, the monarchy-reform, anti-government demonstrators, have been given  an indeterminate holiday at "His Majesty's pleasure".

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As the article mentions there is COVID and Financing but what it misses out is the weather.

in December it is rather clement outdoes but it is now only a couple of week from April, the hottest month of the year.

Perspective, December, Mekong is quite happy sat on the balcony, fan running, come April Mekong has the balcony doors shut and Aircon running, now translate that to protesting 16 hours per day in the Concrete Jungle.






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What was that other place in the corner that used to do ribs around 5 pm sometimes? I've forgotten the name...

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23 hours ago, Mekong said:

Never set foot in the place, nether the original Washington Square ot current Ekkami location.     ...       Never appealed to me.

went once in 2002, disgusting service, we walked out and went elsewhere. Demo numbers might be down due to people not fancying 15 years in a Thai prison

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