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Old man approves...


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I have almost never, approved of or liked anything to do with with Egypt. All my interactions with people from there, have been unfortunate.

Mostly I have regarded Egypt and it's denizens, with a live and let live, attitude.

Now, after multiple removals of cancerous bits and bobs and approaching the retirement, of a cast off man, I have found something on the Extravaganza-Web, that I endorse.

It is because, most women in Egypt look like this:



That I find "influencers" that, with the aid of white makeup, say they look like this:


to be a reprehensible, misrepresentation of the Truth.

This is not anti woman, or anti muslim, it is calling out a liar.

This is her again:




So when this -  Link happens, as trumped up, as the charges may be, I approve.





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