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The Afghanistan thread

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as much as I sympathise with these people: why the fark don´t they take a gun or whatever and defend their people against these stinking taleban?



This man according to a website saying : Why do "they" leave us alone when the Taleban comes?  Do US soldiers , German soldiers , Uk soldiers have to sacrifice their lives for them ?

Over to you

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I don't know how much the US has spent on the pile of rocks, since they went there in approx 2001, but for a mere 1% of that amount I could have told them, that this would be the outcome.

And the Russians before them.

My solution for the future, to anyone, is give me 1% of your likely spend, on the 1st 5 years and I'll tell you, to save 99% and don't bother.

I also have a similar solution for Israel and Palestinians, involving a big wall around the lot, it doesn't have to be a real wall, just the world's armies enforcing a line on the ground, that encompasses Israel, Palestine and sundry associated piles of rocks and sand. Pour many many container loads of hand weapons, like knives and clubs into enclosed area. Leave them to it.

Charge for TV rights and I will only ask, again 1%.

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These are the people for whom, Western Democracies and others, think, are worth worrying about.

Afghanistan is apparently in 2021 like the rest of us, or, more like ~1500 A.D.



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But, but, but didn’t the USA finance the Taliban to begin with? 

The Soviets occupied Afghanistan during the 1980s and ultimately withdrew after resistance from fighters, collectively known as mujahadeen. Among them was Osama bin Laden. The US funneled arms and help to these anti-Soviet forces. But in the post-Soviet power vacuum, the Taliban was formed under the leadership of Mullah Mohammed Omar, who wanted to create an Islamic society, expel foreign influences like TV and music from the country and impose a repressive version of Islamic law that is particularly harsh on women. By 2001, they controlled nearly all of the country.

So basically USA financed militia force got out of control and USA got NATO on nvolved in trying to get the genie back in th bottle. This is what you get trying to police the world.


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Whilst one is of course, sensible to the desperation of people, in the face of the advancing Taliban:

"Hundreds of people ran alongside the wheels of a US military aircraft as it attempted to take off from the tarmac at Kabul's international airport. Others climbed up the sides of the plane as it edged forward, engines roaring.

Some clung to the plane as it jetted upward into the blue sky, with at least one person appearing to fall from a height back to the ground. A local Afghan news agency also showed images of at least one body having landed on a rooftop in Kabul.

At least seven people at the airport have been confirmed dead, the Associated Press reported."


This is of course founded in a belief in an invisible deity and another belief, in the value of no education, specifically science/physics/gravity.


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within my limited view of the world them Taleban are bearded people in confusing clothes holding a Russian gun now probably replaced by upgraded US or German material . Which guarantees superiority over many fellow countrymen . But what comes next ? Do the bearded warriors run the local healthcare system arriving at the office at 08:30 sharp ? Or punish people disregarding red traffic lights? They might get bored I believe and probably join new entrepreneurs from the North promising more entertainment and adventures .  They don´t know anything but shooting at other people . I am planning to open a shoe-factory in Allanballabad offering closed shoes keeping feet dry in rainy weather . I keep you posted .

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