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Health Ministry to propose re-opening dine-in services to vaccinated customers


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While  the number of "deaths" might be somewhat stable and near to the truth, the number of "cases" could be tripled within 48 hours by installing a huge testing system countrywide. Which would position the kingdom on top of the cases/deaths statistics and make the general praise the Thai health system.

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2 hours ago, khunsanuk said:


7-day average is declining according to that same website. As is the 3-day average.


Did I mention averages,This is something you have brought up to support your mistaken argument, I said that the rate was rising again.

It is simple 18501 > 18417 > 17165, the number of daily cases is rising

Also how can you say that the 7-day average is falling with only 7-days worth of data, you only have one 7-day average figure.

As for 3-day average falling,

On 23/8  17491 new cases (242deaths)

On 24/8 17165 new cases (229 deaths)

On 25/8 18417 new cases (297 deaths)

On 26/8 18501 new cases (229 deaths)

The 3-day average 23/24/25 is 17691 and for 24/25/25 18027.66, when I went to school 18027 was greater than 17691therefore the average is rising

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