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Cambodia to examine 'Angkor Wat replica' in Buri Ram


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The Cambodian government will send officials to view a new temple complex in Buri Ram province said to be a copy of structures at the famed Angkor Wat ruins, a Cambodian Culture Ministry official said.

Culture Technique Department director Hab Touch said archeologists and architects from the ministry will visit Wat Phu Man Fah to inspect one of the chedis in the new Sihanakhom  complex, the Khmer Times reported on Wednesday.


“We are unsure of when we can go because of the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine situation, which makes things difficult,” Touch was quoted as saying.

The official did not say what action Phnom Penh would take if the Cambodian team finds it is a copy of a structure in the sprawling tourist attraction that is ancient Angkor Wat.


A very long stretch, not nearly big enough to be like Angkor Wat and in my opinion, having spent time at Angkor Wat, making a docco, only a passing resemblance to Angkor and any of the thousands, of other temple complexes, found in SEA...

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How about the Italians, Greeks, Egyptians and Brits flying to the USA, namely

The Leaning Tower of Pisa Replica   Illinois 

Greek Panthenon Replica   Tennessee

Stonehenge Replica    Virginia

Egyptian Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza Replica   Nevada

London Bridge Replica   Virginia







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