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Live Music Concerts


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Best one I've been to was, Bowie, 1978, Western Springs, Auckland.

I didn't see the 1987 Glass Spider concert, but I did do the Sushi catering for him/his band and delivered it, back stage pass and everything.

I didn't see the man himself.

After the show my restaurant was asked to stay open and 3 of the band members came for late night sushi and drinks, I met Carlos Alomar, and the other two I can't remember their names but would have been two of the following:

Charlie Sexton –  Alan Childs –  Erdal Kızılçay –  Richard Cottle 



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1 hour ago, khunsanuk said:


>You can still hear Thai versions of Motorhead

Turned this off as soon as I heard her voice. Motorhead without Lemmy's vocals is not the same.


I would love to hear her do a Dog Faced Hermans' cover :rotl::rotl::rotl:

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