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F1 and The Halo


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If my memory serves me correct Hamilton was one of the drivers who lobbied against it's introduction.

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton crash out of Italian GP; Hamilton praises halo for saving him

A simmering battle in Formula One erupted in spectacular fashion as championship leader Max Verstappen and defending champion Lewis Hamilton crashed out of the Italian Grand Prix, with Hamilton crediting the halo for saving his life.As both Hamilton and Verstappen fought for position midway through the race, their cars came together in a move that could have seriously injured Hamilton.Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff went as far as describing it as "a tactical foul" by Verstappen."The stewards will decide who is to blame," Wolff said. "In football you would call it a tactical foul. He knew that if Lewis stays ahead, then that is the race win."In the end, the stewards did decide, judging that Verstappen "was predominantly to blame for the collision".They gave the Red Bull driver a three-place grid drop for the start of the next race, the Russian GP on September 26."I'm proud of the stewards," Hamilton said after learning of their decision."I need some time to really reflect on it but I think it definitely sets a precedent and I think it's important for us, moving forwards, for the safety of the drivers, that there are strict rules set in place.
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Hamilton is a bigger wanker than Verstappen IMHO. What with his BLM policies and alike, what that convicted criminal George Floyd has to do with the UK I will never know. As for slavery and all that, his father came to UK from Granada in the 20th century, slavery was abolished in 1833 so his family background has nothing to do with slavery.

The prick also goes on about his dog on a vegan diet (how do you know someone is vegan? They tell you) and claims to care for the environment, then posts a photo taken on a private jet whist off to race F1 cars. 
Looking forward to George Russel putting his nose out of joint next season.


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53 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Of topic, but why do you need to be black slave descendant to support BLM?

Exclusive: almost 70 memorials renamed or being taken down since last summers Black Lives Matter protests

Scores of tributes to slave traders, colonialists and racists have been taken down or will be removed across the UK, a Guardian investigation has found, with hundreds of others under review by local authorities and institutions.

In what was described by historians as an “unprecedented” public reckoning with Britain’s slavery and colonial past, an estimated 39 names – including streets, buildings and schools – and 30 statues, plaques and other memorials have been or are undergoing changes or removal since last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests


Maybe UK BLM have a different agenda to the rest of the world

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Also off-topic, feeding your dog a vegan diet is akin to animal cruelty. Dogs *need* meat in their diet.
All fine if you want to be vegan, but you cannot force your pet to be vegan as well. Unless of course your pet is a herbivore :)

Oh, and how can one care for the environment, and race F1 cars for a living? Those have to be very far on opposite sides of the spectrum.


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