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Epidemiologists dispatched to Phuket to help curb the spread of Covid


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Epidemiologists dispatched to Phuket to help curb the spread of Covid - are they gonna man the checkpoints?

Epidemiologists from Thailand’s Disease Control Department have been dispatched by the Ministry of Public Health to Phuket. The move is intended to help curb the spread of new Covid infections on the island; Phuket has regularly seen 200 cases a day over the last couple of weeks and hospital beds have reached 90% occupancy.

Public Health Permanent Secretary Dr Kiattibhoom Vongrachit says the team of epidemiologists and disease control officials are going to Phuket to assist health officials and restore the confidence of locals and visitors of the island’s safety. The doctor says out of around 30,000 Sandboxers to arrive, only 89 have tested positive for Covid. He says the low rate of infections among international visitors is due to strict immigration measures.  I wonder, does he know that 89 is not a good number, 1 is too many....?

Dr Pitakpol Boonyamalik, inspection-general of 11th Health Area Office, says health officials from other provinces have also been sent to Phuket to help vaccinate high risk groups and people who are stuck at home. The doctor went on to say that hotline services are being established and operation centres are being set up.

Yesterday, the sea gypsy community in the Rawai sub-district municipality was ordered locked down for 2 weeks following 100 members of the community testing positive for Covid. Police have been sent to the area to enforce the lockdown. - because if they are dying from Covid, you should shoot them... Thai PBS says the government intends to make vaccinating the community a priority. -

Earlier today, the Thaiger wrote how an Aunjai clinic is being established in Phuket to help ease the burden on hospitals and other health centres. People can go to the clinic for advice, x-rays, examinations, and officials there will answer questions. The government did not say whether the clinic would also include beds, but Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew has assured the public that there is no bed shortage problem. - as a grammar nazi , does that mean there is no problem with the bed shortage?


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