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La France, le pays du fromage


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So in a nutshell:

France loses Submarine contract worth some 50~90 Billion, dollars presumably.

Recalls ambassadors from USA and Straya.


Isn't that what you do as a preamble to declaring war?

Or is now the default position for contract disputes?

Instead of running away, dropping rifles, clatter, clatter, clatter?



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8 hours ago, Mekong said:
  1. What upcoming issues, Do you have a Crystal  Ball?

       May I please be allowed to withdraw my silly words. The future shall produce nothing but love between France and the    UK  in particular looking at Ireland and a couple of other "issues" which you find in the newspapers in case you can read.


2. Why / How does Brexit Concern me? 

If you don´t know, why should I?


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I can read, and write also, how the hell think I am taking onboard your posts and replying?

You stated that “France will be extremely useful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit” and then state the Ireland Protocol as one of these issues. FFS the French are totally against changes to the protocol.
What else is there?
Fishing, French always want to fish UK waters but don’t allow UK to fish French, Trade and immigration, how can the French alone be helpful in any of these issues, the countries have been a tech others throats on and off for over 900 years. Brits hate the French and the French hate the Brits


Well considering I left the UK over 30 years ago, have no property or Bank accounts there, worked exclusively in SE Asia / Far East since well before Brexit, do not hold GBP or EUR and so on, Brexit concerns me as much as Loong Somchai the local taxi driver, i.e. Fuck all.

You must be very naive, at the least, to think that Brexit would in anyway affect me

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By saying  "I am sure France will be extremely helpful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit. " I intend to publish my opinion that the French at the next best occasion will seek revenge once another Brexit-related issue will be on the table. Is that understood now?

"You must be very naive, at the least, to think that Brexit would in anyway affect me." My naivity is indeed endless, although in this case your opinion that I spend any time thinking what the Brexit is doing to you is a product of your phantasy only. 

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