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Young couple arrested for online sex show


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SAMUT PRAKAN: A young couple were arrested at a hotel in Bang Phli district late on Monday night for streaming their sexual activities online.

The 19-year-old woman, known as Kainao, and her 20-year-old boyfriend shared their sexual exploits online via the OnlyFans website, Thai media reported. They were arrested by police from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau.

The couple admitted to producing pornographic content over a computer network, according to police.

Police said they would not take legal action against the owner of the website, which only allowed creators to share content.

Police said the arrests were the result of the website being abused by content creators.

So that is what RTP do all day, spend tax payers money on only fans subscription and watch Porn

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54 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

COVID entrepreneurs, they need a medal!

Exactly, Two consenting adults doing no harm to anybody trying to make some money due to lack of income and government support during Covid.

What should they do, Shoplift, Rob Gold Shops, Hold Up Armored Cars?

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