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Covid - your thoughts please


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I am pleased that the thinking about virus evolution - general -  is proving possible,

i.e. that over time a virus will evolve to be less harmful to Humans, because it's not in it's interests (mutation-wise), to kill all the hosts, and this article bears support for that idea and the idea that some mutations may scupper the virus' ability to survive: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/covid-19-new-research-suggests-delta-strain-drove-itself-to-extinction-in-japan/Q37746Q7NJS3W4XXTQYC4BGDOA/

That and the cultural deftness of the Japanese, to mask up and socially distance, as a normal practise.



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Remember Sweden?  No lock downs? etc....

this article has some interesting graphs, that show how Sweden has fared, in comparison to other countries...



* of note, Stuff.co.nz  is the first media outlet that have started to use "Explained" or "Explanation", instead of the illiterate "Explainer" so prevalent, in todays's blather...

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Thailand reinstates mandatory COVID-19 quarantine over Omicron concerns

Thailand will reinstate its mandatory COVID-19 quarantine for foreign visitors and scrap a quarantine waiver from Tuesday due to concerns over the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

The decision to halt Thailand's "Test and Go" waiver means visitors will have to undergo hotel quarantine, which ranges between 7 to 10 days.

Meanwhile, a so-called "sandbox" programme, which requires visitors to remain in a specific location but allows them free movement outside of their accommodation, will also be suspended in all places except for the tourist resort island of Phuket...


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My cousins new wife has a daughter in USA

18 and never travelled


Finally the girl gets the education visa, and is coming to Oz for 5 years at least.


Mum is very serious, see no one, touch no one, go no where before your test, get's her COVID test, negative, clear to travel, a


Arrives at Austin airport, dumped on the footpath by family friend and has no idea what to do


Goes inside to total chaos,


Finally finds the right person, whisked of to where her connection to Oz is, only to find not just herself but half the flight didn't get on


Airline re-books her on a flight today (original 2 days ago)


Mum puts her up in airport hotel


Goes to airport needs to do another COVID test on the spot


Comes back - positive.


Seems being hugged and kissed by her other mother who flew down to say good bye was the COVID link,


THanks mum!


Now waiting for re-booking and COVID clear in a few weeks to attempt all that again

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