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Covid - your thoughts please


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47 minutes ago, khunsanuk said:


"Net Zero is pipe dream"

Spoken like a true devoted oil-and-gas man :)


Yes, yes yes,

You tree huggers may scoff but I have yet to see viable figures which can demonstrate net zero is achievable 

Saying “Net Zero” is one thing, actually achieving such is completely different.

Say we fill the planet with enough windmills and solar panels to meet global needs, that is only good enough if the wind is blowing (not too windy like) or the sun is shining.

Battery storage I hear the people cry, batteries take up a lot of space and also use rare metals such as Cobalt and Lithium. Cobalt Mining is not clean, it also has an environmental impact, so what in fact you are doing is replacing one set of pollutants with another set of pollutants whilst charging you and I, the consumer, more for electricity etc, because we don’t mind paying a little bit extra if it is Green,

What a load of Bollox, it is a scam run by big business, it is not clean energy it is “A Different type of Dirty Energy” 

This is why I say it is a pipe dream, nobody has been able to demonstrate how to achieve it. If you know different I am all ears

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I agree we have passed “Peak Oil” but it is not going to run out next week, next year or even the next decade, there are over 50 years of Known reserves of both Oil  and Gas available, that is without further exploration and / deep sea production.

There is also 133 years of Coal left, why does society condemn full stop a Coal Fired Power Plants instead of looking at todays modern Clean Coal Power Plants, that is systems in place to capture NoX, Sox, Carbon and PM2.5 emissions? But oh no Coal is Dirty it must go, instead of, oh look coal can be burned clean.

50 years, let alone 133 is an eon in Technology terms, in 1903 the Wright Brothers flew the first heavier than air craft 37 meters, within 16 years Alcock and Brown were crossing the Atlantic and by 1957 the Russians had launched Sputnik.

Inventions of the last 50 years we take for granted include the ATM, DNA testing, Laser (non intrusive)Surgery, Photovoltaic Electric Cell, Electric Vehicles, Personal Computers, the World Wide Web, Fibre Optic Cables, Bar Codes, The Birth Control Pill, GPS, Cell Phones, Home Gaming Systems , MRI scans, Online Commerce, the list goes on.

if any of these inventions / innovations had have been mentioned just at the end of WWII you would have been locked in a padded cell, and innovation is exponential.

So whilst Fossils Fuels will eventually run out, I do not see  the rush to stop using today and tomorrow,, and shut down all existing facilities, It has been demonstrated that fossil fuels can be burned clean.

But no, Governments are falling for the Green claim that we must change to renewables overnight, to hell with the expense, society is heading fromone alleged disaster headlong into another one.

Shy is enough money and research not being put into Hydrogen Fuel Cells, or other alternatives, damn in 50 years time we may even be able to engage warp drive and harvest energy from either Black Holes or Space Based Solar Power SBSP. Don’t lock me in a padded cell, just look back at history.



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Back to Covid 

Astonishment, that someone died, who could have avoided it.

A Czech folk singer who was opposed to having a coronavirus vaccine has died after deliberately contracting the virus, according to her son.

Hana Horká, of the folk band Asonance, died Sunday at the age of 57 after intentionally exposing herself to the virus at home while her son and husband were sick, according to CNN affiliate CNN Prima News. 

Horká wanted to infect herself so she could be "done with Covid," her son, Jan Rek, told Prima News on Monday.

"I came here because the debate is very important and I want to warn people," said Rek, who added that both he and his father had been vaccinated. 

Horká had been sharing anti-vaccination posts on social media.

"My mom wanted to get sick so she gets the Covid pass," Rek said. "She said to me and even publicly she wants to get infected so she is done with Covid."

Rek said his mother was getting incorrect information about the virus "from her social circle."

Horká was "ignoring on purpose some facts and comments that were disproving her arguments," added Rek. "She wanted to get sick on purpose," he said.




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The anti vax / mandates / law / 'whatever just seen on InstaFaceYouTwitTok', people are pushing the boundaries.

Top Canadian defence officials condemn protesters dancing on Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Pillocks... stupid, dolt, dullard, poor fish, pudden-head, pudding head, stupe, stupid, stupid person, berk, blockhead, bonehead, dumbass, dunce, dunderhead, hammerhead, knucklehead, loggerhead, lunkhead, muttonhead, numskull et al


The following is true:

The top half of the North Island, of NZ has more than it's fair share of 'alternative' people.

On a recent travel, I saw a sign, nailed to a tree, with the following painted on it, "Imagine a future worth fighting for."

Coss is now dutifully painting a sign and will nail it below, the above one, next time I'm up that way.


"Remember, when we did...  poppy.png.2d0853c8fd0d23dbcd60f0fa53122ce4.png"


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The Unknown Soldier

This title has always seemed weird to me, “The” implies that there is only one where as in fact there are 78 “Tombs of the Unknown Soldier” around the world.

Some may argue “The Unknown Soldier” of a specific nation, OK why do some nations have multiple “ The Unknown Soldier” such as Brazil (2), Japan (4) and USA (5).

It is not “The” it is “A Unknown Soldier”

That being said, protesters were out of order, even if protesting for something I believed in I would never condone such actions.

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You spotted my deliberate mistake (excuses excuses excuses) 

Yup, Guilty as charged I fucked up haha, I was thinking of University, another common word which begins UN

The rule for the Indefinite article is not “A” before Consonant and “AN” before Vowel as most people think but “A” before Sounds Like Consonant and “AN” before Sounds Like Vowel

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