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Covid - your thoughts please


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Anyone on the ground in Thailand have any new information about travel to Thailand?


Family wants to return for a visit, I'd like what people know, not opinions in how fucked Thailand gov/bureaucracy etc is.


My concern is family going there, having to face a long time in hotels, and perhaps having trouble returning


How is COVID currently, this week, affecting business travel etc, no point going if they can't move around and are stuck in one place.

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Reason I ask is I just saw this


by Gregers Møller


Travelers to Thailand whose PCR tests return a positive are in a very high risk of being caught up in a web of rules that nobody warned them of before their departure.


The SHA+ and ASQ hotels where the travelers are required to stay, must all have contracts with a specific hospital, usually a private hospital. If a traveler staying at their hotel tests positive, the guest has no choice but to be hospitalized at that specific hospital for 7-10 days at their own cost – usually around 10.000 THB per day. In most cases, tourists are requested to pay upfront this amount and coordinate insurance claims by themselves later – holding the risk of not being compensated for their hospital expenses.


Sharing hotel room in close contact with a COVID patient also subjects you to quarantine 7-10 days as a high risk close contact person. This is usually not included in the insurance coverage so it would be completely at your own cost.





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" If a traveler staying at their hotel tests positive, the guest has no choice but to be hospitalized at that specific hospital for 7-10 days at their own cost – usually around 10.000 THB per day."

Yes, unfortunately true.

Travel inside the country is completely unrestricted once you are out of quarantine period (there is a 2nd mandatory test/hotel stay on day 5 after arrival).


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5 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

How is shopping etc? Everything open?

Shopping Malls, unfortunately yes, Covid saved me a fortune hen they were shut, and also taught the wife she does not need to buy new crap every week to survive. She did find some useless junk on Lazada, one of them a cheap “Made in China”, worked for all of 5 minutes before giving up the ghost.

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On 2/2/2022 at 5:34 PM, My Penis is hungry said:

 <<it is “A Unknown Soldier>>



Shouldn't that be "An Unknown Soldier"?



Hahaha kinda funny me picking up an English grammar mistake while your discussing an English grammar mistake?

There is an actual phrase for such Muphrys Law as opposed to Murphy’s Law. 

“Any post criticizing the grammar, spelling, or mechanics of another post will in itself contain at least one error.”

Just learned that from an episode of QI.

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The Department of Health has come up with some new advice for those planning to have sex on Valentine's Day -- get tested for Covid-19 using a rapid antigen test kit (ATK) before making love.

Last year, the department recommended wearing face masks and avoiding facing your partner while having sex because there weren't enough vaccines and ATKs back then, Dr Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoen, director-general of the department, said.

Since the Covid-19 situation has changed and lovers appear to be safer when it comes to having sex, ATK testing should be enough for fully vaccinated people, he said.

As for other traditional Valentine's Day activities such as going out for a romantic dinner, Dr Suwanchai said checking a Covid-19 tracking app to see if the restaurant they made reservations at is Covid-19 safe would be a good idea.

These apps, including "Thai Save Thai" developed by the department, will help assess the risk of being exposed to Covid-19, he said.

This app works by assessing how safe activities allowed on the premises are and how crowded the place gets, he said.

More importantly, after a night out on Valentine's Day, people are advised to keep wearing a mask and maintain social distancing while at home to cut the risk of spreading Covid-19 to other family members, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases, the doctor added

A couple of thoughts come to mind

  1. Does the Department of Health think that Thais only have sex on Valentine’s Day? That would explain the declining birthrate but why aren’t all babies born in November?
  2. Has the Department of Health never heard of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases,  which are far worse than Covid. Surely the message should be “Use a Condom” not “Shove a swab up your nose ( or arse if Chinese)

It’s like living in a Comedy Club, the jokes just keep on coming.

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Thailand’s Health Ministry to propose scrapping pre-departure PCR for Test & Go

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry is set to make a proposal to scrap the pre-departure PCR for Test & Go travellers, making entering the country more convenient and cost-efficient. The proposal will need to be approved by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, which will have its general meeting this Friday and is expected to discuss a number of topics, including possibly lifting the mask mandate.


IMHO: In the light of moves in other countries, I think a requirement to be vaccinated, will be the only impediment for future travel, I reckon this will kick in about Xmas travel tim,e for Western countries and recipient destinations.

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