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bleep (nationality) (gender)


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US plane evacuation was because someone mistook a camera for a bomb

The “security incident” that forced a New-York bound flight to make an emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport, US has turned out to be a misunderstanding – after an airline passenger mistook another traveller's camera for a bomb.

American Airlines Flight 4817 from Indianapolis – operated by Republic Airways – made an emergency landing at LaGuardia just after 3pm on Saturday (local time), and authorities took a suspicious passenger into custody for several hours.

It turns out the would-be “bomber” was just a vintage camera aficionado and the woman who reported him made a mistake, sources said.

The woman was travelling with her husband and children, sitting across the aisle from her spouse, when she spotted another man in her husband’s row scrolling through videos and photos of vintage cameras, sources said.

She thought he was looking up bomb-making instructions, and when the man pulled out his own camera and adjusted it she was convinced he was setting a timer on a detonator, sources said.

The man was travelling with two checked bags, which were taken off the aircraft and screened. Among various personal items were a skateboard and vintage cameras, sources said.

Port Authority police officers and US federal agents detained the man for several hours before giving him the all-clear, sources said.

“The JTTF [Joint Terrorism Task Force], the FBI and the Port Authority Police Department determined that there was no criminality on the part of the passenger and he was released,” said Port Authority spokesman Tom Topousis.


bleep (nationality) (gender)      Fu*king American Woman!

Only in America...

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 If Camera was digital. Which it must have been for him to scroll through photos and videos, how was it vintage? Vintage is over 40 years old, first digital camera was 1986 only 35 years ago.

She must have incredible eyesight to see across the aisle and past her husband to see bombmaking instructions on the screen, OK not that good because she didn’t.

As you said “Only in America”

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I think he may have been looking at the photos and vids on a phone or tablet. He got out his camera to adjust it, that's when the imbecile went bananas.

And what about the air crew? Can't see a camera for what it is?

Or a  policy of "any accusation is true"....

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